Thank you for attending the Digital Health Forum 2020: The Future Was Today

We want to thank you all for attending the Digital Health Forum 2020: The Future Was Today. It was an eye-opening, enlightening, and thought-provoking day full of insights about exactly how we are in the future, now. Gone is the time to wait for the changing tides to shift the face of technology and data for health; it's happening in front of our eyes.

We have the sessions available for viewing on-demand, so whether you couldn't make the live event, or you just want to relive the learnings of the day, you can view all of the interviews and workshops below.
A Q+A Keynote with
DR. Scott Gottlieb
Dr. Gottlieb will answer your questions about what’s on the horizon for the health-related private sector, and how the industry can be stronger and more actively involved leaders of people’s health.
Dr. Amy Zalman, CEO of Prescient and Professor of Foresight at Georgetown University, will shine a light on what’s in flux in our industry, and help us create a vision for where health, media, data and technology are headed.
Soul Searching with
BOB Garfield
Media journalist, radio and podcast host, and published author Bob Garfiled will present highlights from his new book, American Manifesto: Saving Democracy from Villains, Vandals, and Ourselves, and will lead a focused discussion on the polarization of media.
Christopher Boone, PhD and Vice President,Global Head of Health Economics and Outcomes Research at Abbvie, has a career-long history as a dynamic, innovative thought leader and a public voice on the power of real-world evidence, health informatics, and big data analytics and its ability to radically transform the global healthcare system into a learning health system.
Jason LaBonte is the Chief Strategy Officer at Datavant, a technology company powering the connection of healthcare data via privacy-protecting record linkage. Healthcare organizations use Datavant’s technology to safely share data to power better analysis, in turn leading to cost savings and better patient outcomes. 
Many of us are trying to make sense of the quicksand that’s our current reality. But what’s digital health marketing going to look like in five years? How are rules being re-written and new behaviors being formed?

No one can see that far ahead, but together, we can dream, create and uncover the upside of change. At the forum, you’ll hear from an eclectic mix of multi-disciplinary speakers including doctors, health policy officials, futurists, disruptors, technologists, journalists, non-profits, and even teens representing the voices of tomorrow.

Our goal? That we’re collectively more purposeful in charting a smart, productive and compassionate way forward.
The meeting will be virtual, but this won’t be a snoozy zoom.
Be prepared to push your imagination, make unexpected connections, participate, and leave inspired.
What’s the long game for digital health marketing?
Discover the answers at DHF 2020. Attendees will experience the following:
A new way to think about the future
A new way to think about digital health marketing
A boost in creative energy and problem solving
Concrete changes we can make today
A renewed sense of passion and purpose
Our last event, at Lincoln Center, on the topic of Radical Health Personalization, explored consumer privacy, health data security, personalized medicine and humanitarianism in digital health. Kicked off by author Seth Godin, the event drew 220 in-person attendees from 36 organizations.
THe brands in attendance