Header Bidding

Take your monetization to the next level.


Streamline auctions and move beyond the traditional waterfall.

PulsePoint offers highly compatible header bidder solutions designed to make it easier for you to run pre-bid auctions. Gain access to better demand competition – with minimal integration hassle. Inventory is auctioned fairly and so you earn the programmatic revenues you need to create high quality content and deliver value to audiences.

Header Bidding

Higher revenueS

Exchanges submit bids before the ad server call resulting in fewer lost impressions and increasing yield.

greater demand

Ad partners are able to compete on equal footing with all other demand sources - including your ad server - cutting out middlemen.

Easier Ad Stack Management

Eliminates the technical complexity of the waterfall; eliminates tracking and reduces human error.

Low latency

Creative is called before the auction occurs, decreasing latency to allow for faster load times – keeping user attention on the page.

Average CPM Increases 147%*
*PulsePoint Q1 2015


Select a header bidding implementation that works best for your current ad stack setup, technical capabilities and goals. PulsePoint offers a header bidding solution compatible with any kind of publisher.


A management framework to add multiple demand sources through a single piece of JavaScript code within the header of the page.

Provides access to enhanced analytics including performance of each domain source and track key stats like bid landscape.


A direct integration into a publishers existing wrapper that allows PulsePoint to compete in real-time against the publisher’s current demand stack.  


For publishers seeking the convenience of a header bidding solution without complexity of the wrapper framework.

Quick and simple set up within the hour and requires no technical knowledge; convenient tools to set up your ad server.


Access enhanced analytics per demand source and track key stats to better manage your header bidding partners.

•  Bidder bid/win price analysis by demand source, geo, domain, with price range distribution 

•  Bid latency by bidder, demand source, geo, and domain


PulsePoint Header Bidding Insights

With header bidding comes higher revenues, access to greater demand and lower latency. But knowing how to get started or enhance your revenue strategy isn’t always easy.   Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Learn how to get the most out of header bidding technology.

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