Collaborative Innovation: Highlights from PulsePoint’s User Spring Fling 2024

July 1, 2024

On May 9, PulsePoint was thrilled to meet up with platform users and traders for the invite-only User Spring Fling 2024 event in Philadelphia. 

PulsePoint Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Stark kicked off the event by saying, “This is not a job for us; it’s a mission.” And as part of that mission, the team at PulsePoint makes an effort to learn from our clients every day. 

The User Spring Fling was the perfect opportunity to come together and learn from one another, and at the end of the day come away with a better understanding of programmatic and PulsePoint’s unique technology solutions.

From new generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools to first-party data solutions, exciting updates and innovations were the main topic of the event. 

“Let’s take what we know and start building stuff,” Stark said. “And we’re only getting started.”

AI-powered ad tech: PulsePoint’s vision

The marketing industry runs on AI—which is why PulsePoint was excited to kick off the event by discussing the team’s vision for its new AI-powered ad tech.

Josh Stewart, Project Management Director at PulsePoint, spoke to attendees about PulsePoint’s current AI offerings that they might be familiar with—as well as the team’s new AI capabilities coming up on the horizon. 

The Milkshake AI assistant is an upcoming feature that was a crowd favorite. The generative AI tool appears in context and is fed information from the PulsePoint Knowledge Base to help users manage their campaigns and answer any questions they may have about PulsePoint’s platform, including how to optimize and set up specific tactics. In the future, it’ll be capable of helping users make strategic campaign adjustments at the tactic and channel level.

Unlocking the Value of HCP Social Campaigns

Successful campaigns don’t drive outcomes from a single ad but use a multitude of touchpoints to reach and move audiences. This is why social campaigns can provide rich opportunities for HCP engagement, as CMI Media Group’s Vice President of Paid Social Media Walter Schmidli and PulsePoint Senior Director of Strategic Accounts Alex Wessner discussed in their session on the untapped potential of social campaigns for healthcare marketing.

Marketers can use similar targeting tactics in the social landscape that they use in programmatic, and, as Schmidli and Wessner pointed out, PulsePoint’s foundation of CRM data makes it easy to upload insights directly to platforms like Facebook—particularly as social walled gardens increasingly give way to more open fields for marketers.

Orchestrating Intelligent Personalization Through Measurement

Understanding your audience is essential to running a successful campaign, a point that PulsePoint Account Executive Dylan Eisen and Senior Sales Executive Jason Sperber stressed in this session exploring how marketers use PulsePoint’s HCP365 intelligence to coordinate programmatic campaigns based on intent signals. Using proprietary insights and user-friendly automations, marketers can trigger highly tailored campaigns based on keywords, HCP specialty, NPI list, location, and more.

Programmatic Trading in Today’s Market: Tips, Tricks and What Makes Successful Health Campaigns Tick

Hosted by PulsePoint Vice President of Marketing Maria Simeone, the biggest panel of the day covered top tips and tricks for programmatic campaigns today from some of the industry’s top experts. Speakers included Greg Leon, Associate Director of Programmatic at PHM, Julianne Malusa, Associate Director of Programmatic & Search at Silverlight Digital, and James Hesdon, Director of Performance Media at AbelsonTaylor.

The panelists focused on one of the biggest issues programmatic marketers are facing today: patient privacy regulations being enacted across the country. They stressed the importance of proactive communication with clients about the ways campaigns will need to change going forward, even in states that aren’t enacting the regulations. They also noted that now is the time for marketers to pivot to relying on partnerships, contextual targeting capabilities, and first-party data.

Trends & Best Practices

In a session devoted to ever-changing market needs and expectations, PulsePoint Senior Campaign Manager Jerry Nogueras and Campaign Manager Tara Bharadwaj discussed how marketers are solving new challenges.

Data privacy is a key issue in the sector and should be a priority for marketers, Nogueras said, encouraging the audience to prepare for cookie deprecation (less than 50% of companies currently have a plan). As an alternative, marketers should invest in first-party data and contextual targeting solutions, always keeping privacy top of mind by prioritizing compliance and opt-in consent.

Nogueras and Bharadwaj also explored how marketers can enhance HCP supply quality and improve access to premium environments, use omnichannel integration to optimize the consumer experience, and leverage the PulsePoint platform to streamline how they reach audiences, analyze insights, and adjust campaigns on the fly.

Optimizations Built for Health

In the final session of User Spring Fling 2024, PulsePoint Vice President of Sales Keith Matt and Vice President of Strategic Accounts Malcolm Halle offered practical insights into how PulsePoint’s data foundation, which sits at the core of our unique solutions, can optimize health-focused marketing efforts. 

For both HCP and DTC campaigns, better data translates to better audience quality: marketers can use automated bidding for qualified audiences, adjust goals mid-campaign, and reduce costs by eliminating excess expenditure on lower-quality audiences. For HCP marketing, PulsePoint’s historical and clinical insights help marketers make sense of consumer behavior, with automations that drive prescription lift and audience engagement. Most importantly, PulsePoint’s breadth of data is endlessly customizable. Marketers can use Smart Lists and develop bespoke consumer audiences to maximize results for their clients.

User Spring Fling 2024 Takeaways

The PulsePoint User Spring Fling 2024 event showcased the company's commitment to innovation and client collaboration. From the introduction of advanced AI tools like the Milkshake AI assistant to strategies for leveraging social campaigns in healthcare marketing, attendees got a glimpse of PulsePoint’s latest and greatest capabilities, and the ways in which the company is always making changes based on client needs.

This year’s User Spring Fling further emphasized PulsePoint's mission to enhance programmatic healthcare marketing efforts through cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies. Attendees gained insights into orchestrating intelligent personalization through PulsePoint’s HCP365 solution and learned best practices for navigating the new patient privacy regulations popping up across the country.

These are the highlights, but there were many more moments throughout the day that made this a special and engaging event. View all of the sessions here to experience it all on demand.

Want to be part of next year’s User Spring Fling? Contact the team at PulsePoint today.

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