PulsePoint ensures all theads served via Pulsepoint platform meets high quality standards and good userexperience. The ads that appear are as per the inventory providers /publishers’ recommendations and guidelines.

Inappropriate Advertising content:
Ads that are one of the beloware considered as inappropriate per Pulsepoint quality standards.

Ad Errors

Ads must be displayed on the website. Any ad that errors out is a violation of thepolicy.

Multiple windows

Spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original Ad or auto-forward users’browsers, resemble system dialogue boxes or error messages

Adult oriented

Contains sexually suggestive, explicit, or pornographic content

Creative Declarations

All creatives must have attributes accurately declared.

Deceptive, offensive or inappropriate content

Contain content that is deceptive, misleading, defamatory, obscene,  distasteful, racially or ethnically offensive, harassing, or that is  discriminatory based upon race, gender, color, creed, age, sexual  orientation, or disability


Ad that causes any program to be downloaded on creative load,  click or interaction.

Illegal Activity

Facilitate or promote illegal activity, or contain content that  is illegal

Illegal or prohibited products

Market or promote gambling, guns, alcohol, or tobacco products

Copyright or Pirated content

Copyright infringement ads or misrepresented advertising.


Distribute Adware, Spyware, Malware or Viruses

Take-down policy:
PulsePoint automatically blocks any of the below with the help of the creative quality vendors recommendations.

Account specific  blocklist

Creative landing page is in the account specific blocklist

Unsafe domain

The landing page URL is  deemed unsafe for the user

Forceful redirect

The landing page URL redirects the user to another site forcefully without click oraction

High risk ads platforms

Partners which are deemed  inappropriate to work with as per our quality vendors

Heavy ads

The creative size is heavy

IAB Category block

Any creative which is classified under IAB26, IAB7-42, IAB25-5, IAB25-3, IAB7-39, IAB7-28gets blocked

PulsePoint automatically blocks any of the below with the help of the creative quality vendors recommendations.

In cases where PulsePoint detects any of the above violations, PulsePoint shall have the right to immediately stop delivery of the offending ads and take appropriate action against the violators.