Know where and how to activate your audience the exact moment intent is signaled

of the US population
daily opportunities across MORE THAN
of Healthcare professionals

Map your Message to the Health Journey

Find and engage your DTC and HCP audiences

Reach over 3.2M+ opted-in physicians and scale your healthcare advertising across 90% of the US population.

Create coordinated omnichannel experiences

Expand your DTC and HCP audience reach to display, video, native, CTV, audio, social and search extension across thousands of health endemic and non-endemic publishers.

Use micro data to trigger personalized and sequential messaging

Leverage data from PulsePoint’s measurement, analytics and predictive solutions to radically personalize HCP and DTC messaging across format, device and channel at each stage of the health journey

Know what’s happening – as it happens

Get a complete view of all the relevant health data to target, plan, manage and optimize campaigns with unified audience and content insights.

Manage your workflow for regulatory compliance

Curate campaigns and insights with an entire workflow built for health marketing in compliance with HIPAA, DAA, NAI and internal MLR standards.

Enable quicker, smarter decision-making

Unleash the true power of your data with solutions that empower you to investigate, analyze, predict and act.

Access PulsePoint’s Proprietary Audiences, Exchange Technology and Programmatic Connections

Our proprietary data targeting solutions are the backbone for thousands of healthcare brands seeking instant access to forecast, target and engage DTC and HCP audiences at scale.

Used to further define conditions
SupplEmental terms
Including Chemicals, Drugs, and Disease Descriptors


We interpret the hard-to-read signals of the customer journey and understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. This enables us to deliver a suite of data solutions that allow for the seamless activation of health media options.


Consent based real time HCP targeting

PulsePoint’s proprietary HCP data methodology delivers deterministic, people-based HCP data targeting by validating identities and attribution of nearly every digitally connected healthcare professional by NPI number.

HCP Direct Match™

HCP DirectMatch technology combines multiple points of online behavior, interest, and active, opt-in consented first party data to validate the identity of HCPs by NPI number.

Data sets are refreshed every 24 hours in order to account for any physicians opting out of any sort of targeting.

  • 1:1 NPI |  Find and target over 3.2 million active opted-in HCPs in the US with NPI level reporting
  • SPECIALTY | Target HCPs audience based on their primary specialty
  • PRACTICE | Target HCPs audience based on their work location
Search Extension

Use existing pre-approved bulk sheets to scale your HCP audience reach

HCP Measurement

Understand the search behavior of HCPs to adjust campaigns to be more effective, and inform future investments.

"HCP Direct Match is a transparent, and cost effective way for us to continue to deliver value to our client's HCP campaigns,"

Steve Minichini, President of Paid Media at Evoke.


Health first contextual DTC targeting

No other platform offers the same breadth of health specific contextual targeting. PulsePoint’s contextualization technology scans the internet at enormous speed and scale, looking at the content by category, sub-category, keyword and sentiment, and tags every page.

Contextual Keywords

Target existing keyword lists, personalize to create your own proprietary keyword targeting list with keyword level optimization tools.

Health Pages

Find and target pages where the main topic on the page is a relevant health condition, treatment or OTC therapeutic area. 

Health Populations

Thematically recognize content on pages that relates to a known health condition, treatment or OTC and identifies the audience with the highest affinity based on those contextual signals.   

  • CONDITION | audiences with a consistent interest in a relevant health condition.
  • SEARCH | dynamic audience based on search behavior
  • TREATMENT | audiences with a consistent interest in relevant health treatment. 
  • OTC | audiences with a consistent interest in relevant OTC therapeutic areas. 
  • POINT OF CARE | Identifying audience populations within and relating to the point of care.

platform trusted by Healthcare brands and agencies

platform trusted by Healthcare brands and agencies

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With the Life platform, you can sort through the world’s data and activate your campaign the exact moment intent is signaled.