Identify, at the NPI-level, who and how HCPs are engaging with your digital touchpoints

Signal by PulsePoint™

Signal is PulsePoint’s first analytics and insights-focused platform of products serving healthcare marketers, data scientists, and business strategists alike. Its solutions, powered by PulsePoint’s first-party data foundation and privacy compliant methodologies, provide unmatched NPI-level intelligence about HCP audiences.

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Smarter Marketing Intelligence

HCP365, the first self-serve product under the Signal platform, uncovers who, how and when your HCP audience organically engages with branded digital touchpoints at the NPI-level.

NPI-level insights and analytics

Get a singular view of all HCP interactions across digital channels.

  • Website: Map the customer journey. Learn the exact URLs HCPs visited and get insights about their behavior.
  • Digital Media: Identify your best performing media and know who is engaging with it. 
  • Search Campaigns: Discover which search keywords are driving HCPs to your digital touchpoints.
  • Email Marketing: Overlay cross-channel insights with email performance to optimize omnichannel efforts and messaging.
Re-engage HCPs with Smart Actions

Create Smart Actions to re-engage HCPs within their journey. HCP365 seamlessly plugs into your third-party platforms to trigger a custom email, share intelligence with sales reps, or customize content, among others.

“HCP365 provides the granular insights necessary for us to customize HCP engagement strategies by segment. We’re able to take digital activity tied to an NPI number and find useful insights for future marketing investments.”

Ray Rosti, Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Health Media.

Discover more about your HCP audience. Get NPI-level identity profiles and insights about your brand’s engaged HCPs.
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