Webinar Highlights: Bayer & CMI Media Group Talk Healthcare CTV from Planning to Measurement

March 27, 2023

Connected TV is an exciting new frontier in the world of healthcare programmatic marketing, providing a cost-effective way to reach specific audiences and achieve your brand goals. But when it comes to healthcare, things get complicated: How do you reach niche provider and patient audiences? How can you measure campaign success when it might be months before you see any script lift?

On March 14, PulsePoint hosted a webinar to answer some of these questions: Bayer & CMI Media Group Talk Healthcare CTV from Planning to Measurement. Moderated by Jordan Brickman, PulsePoint Director of Strategic Partnerships, CTV, the webinar featured an in-depth conversation with CTV experts Glenniss Richards, Senior Director of Digital Media Activation at Bayer, and Toby Katcher, Vice President of Video Investment at CMI Media Group.

If you weren’t able to tune in, we’ve got you covered—keep reading for highlights and insights from the discussion, and watch the webinar recording on demand here.

When Is CTV the Right Fit, and How Do You Get Started?

Glenniss and Toby agreed that, first and foremost, brands need to identify their campaign goals. Are you looking to reach a broad audience? Increase engagement? Generate leads? Once you’ve established clear goals, your brand must then determine your budget and target audience. With these considerations in place, you can decide whether or not CTV is the right fit.

Audience exploration is key. If you understand your audience and their consuming habits, Toby said, you can determine “how to best get them when they’re most leaned in.” With its behavioral targeting capabilities, CTV is one of the best formats for reaching audiences without disrupting their everyday consumption habits.

When it comes to linear versus CTV, Glennis said, “My path is to always go digital,” and she recommended developing multiple audiences to ensure campaign scalability.

How Can Healthcare CTV Fit into an Omnichannel Approach?

Omnichannel is the latest buzzword in strategic marketing, but how can CTV expand your brand’s presence across multiple channels? In Glenniss’s experience, omnichannel is all about consolidation and connectivity across all formats—and CTV can be the perfect channel to meet heavy reach and awareness goals.

CTV can sometimes be lumped in with linear TV when brands are planning campaigns, but, as Toby pointed out, CTV can go further than broad awareness and actually push audiences down the funnel. And a connected strategy can help brands target beyond simple demographics, reaching people based on their specific interests and behaviors.

With CTV’s extensive capabilities, Toby argued that it’s “the best of the TV world and the best of digital brought together.”

How Do You Measure Success in Healthcare CTV Campaigns?

Both panelists agreed that directly connecting business outcomes to CTV can be difficult. Glenniss stressed the importance of looking at audience quality (AQ) scores and using third-party measurement tools. Toby’s advice was to make sure you’re aligned on goals from the outset, continuously testing and optimizing, and taking everything you’ve learned to your next campaign.

Using a QR code in your CTV environment can be a great way to directly measure success outcomes; for example, you can drive a consumer to take action by including a QR code that sends them to a vanity page or unique URL.

What Are CTV Best Practices?

Glenniss’s advice was to refine constantly. Even if you’re meeting your KPIs, keep thinking about how to take the campaign to the next level. Build out new creative assets, refresh old ones, and look at your inventory sources. Do additional testing and “turn the dial up and down as you see fit.”

 When it comes to creative assets, both panelists said to keep assets under 60 seconds; audience attention spans are low and 90-second inventory is limited. As Toby put it, “The longer the creative is, the less cost-efficient it becomes.” In addition, the logo and call to action should be present at all times, and your message should be simple and on par with brand strategy.

 “Brand doesn’t matter,” Glenniss said, acknowledging that might be a controversial statement. “It’s not as important for the strategy. We are focusing on the audiences and people.”

 What’s Next for CTV in Healthcare?

Toby put it well when he said, “It’s not if CTV should be part [of your campaign], it’s how.”

CTV has already started to see mass adoption, and the space is only going to get more competitive and crowded. Advertisers and publishers will have to differentiate themselves through unique value propositions and high-quality content. 

As with any new technology or platform, the potential for ad fraud in CTV is growing. This will continue to be a challenge for brands, but Toby recommends remaining vigilant and investing in fraud prevention measures.

As we head into a potentially unstable economic climate, Glenniss and Toby see CTV as a great option for brands that are looking for something flexible. You might be committing less spend upfront, but CTV can be activated and scaled quickly (either up or down) in a way that’s impossible for linear TV.

In short, both experts agreed that CTV is a rapidly growing channel for healthcare marketers. It comes with new and unique challenges, but overall it can be a great addition to any omnichannel campaign as long as advertisers take an audience-first approach.

PulsePoint can help you jump into the connected TV space and start reaching your target audiences today. Contact us here for more info, and keep an eye out for our event announcements to join our next webinar.

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