For advertisers considering CTV, it’s critical to identify a flexible and customizable solution with full platform capabilities.
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CTV: Healthcare Advertising Cuts the Cord

November 22, 2021
Maria Simeone

The “Great Healthcare Ad Shift” is underway and it’s happening fast, in arenas ranging from programmatic display ads to mobile apps. But the swiftness of the shift may be most visible in connected television (CTV).

Data from H1 2021 indicates that CTV is at the forefront of the healthcare industry’s race to digital media, and the numbers are remarkable.  Because it minimizes key cost-to-market barriers, experts believe CTV gives healthcare companies  cost-effective access to TV for the first time. 

One-to-one consumer matches can be compliantly layered on top of CTV buys so that campaigns directly reach the core audience both safely and effectively. This audience-first approach connects messages to high-value, addressable segments while also controlling the cost of media buys.

Delivering true synergy

CTV combines the advantages of TV and digital video, creating true synergy. It delivers the kind of high quality, long-form video content needed to engage healthcare audiences, along with the targeting specificity of programmatic. 

CTV offers:

  • High engagement levels of linear TV, without traditional TV’s drawbacks
  • Exceptional targeting ability without cookies
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Voluminous, high-quality content 
  • Popularity with both consumers and HCPs 
  • Exposure of precisely selected audiences to carefully curated creative
  • Detailed insights on campaign impacts

In addition, advanced demographic information and data can be gathered from CTV ads to optimize campaigns, creative messages, and audience sectors. This gives brands actionable insights and opportunities for continuous retargeting. CTV users can be tracked and retargeted with native or display ads on desktop or mobile. 

Seizing pivotal positions

While many well-known consumer brands have moved quickly into CTV, the healthcare sector has been slow to recognize its marketing potential. That is changing this year, with a number of health industry brands seizing positions in this still underutilized space.

Programmatic CTV allows health and pharma brands to reach audiences across channels, staying top of mind and driving incremental reach. CTV bundled with linear TV and other digital programmatic buys work together to reach unique audiences and meet consumers across channels in a non-invasive way.

Now is CTV’s time

There has never been a better time for health-focused brands to leverage the advantages of CTV. In this medium, viewers get individualized content in an engaging, large screen format that enables delivery of personally-relevant, HIPAA-compliant health messages. Consumers are quickly and increasingly moving away from traditional TV, “cutting the cord,” and moving to streaming. Linear TV’s loss is CTV’s gain.

For advertisers now considering CTV, it’s critical to identify a flexible and customizable solution with full platform capabilities. If you are ready to adopt programmatic CTV to connect with specific health audiences, it’s time to get to know PulsePoint. Learn how our solutions can unlock essential insights and deliver on your goals.

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