PulsePoint's Validated Data Methodology Achieves 100% HCP Reach for CTV

August 10, 2022

First Party Validated NPI Targeting, Clinical Data and Measurement Sets PulsePoint Apart from Other CTV Platforms

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- PulsePoint, a technology company revolutionizing health decision-making in real-time, today announced its ability to connect media reach with clinical data for 100% of addressable health care professionals reached via its connected TV (CTV) marketplace. Up until now, marketers have only been able to access partial reach of their HCP targets on platforms, making it difficult to build meaningful audiences, coordinate across touchpoints or identify downstream impact, like script lift.

PulsePoint technologies harness authenticated HCP identity, context and recency with unmatched scale to engage the largest fully consented NPI coverage in the market. This enables pharma and medical device marketers to engage 100% of 3.2M validated U.S. health care professionals (HCPs) on connected TV.

"We believe that the market can no longer thrive without demanding a higher degree of confidence in audience quality. Our NPI reach and cross-screen graph gives us the ability to do one-to-one CTV targeting and measurement by NPI specialty, office location, point of care, clinical procedures, diagnosis, and script," said Jonathan Zile, VP of Data and Analytics at PulsePoint.

The company's Life platform enables targeting of custom NPI audiences and households in real-time by overlaying multiple data sources, including medical claims data at the NPI level, with first party signals, and unique access to premium CTV supply at scale. This allows health marketers to surround relevant HCPs at scale with coordinated cross-channel engagement throughout the health journey - from the clinical workflow to at-home moments with CTV.

"As non-personal channels become the dominant way to reach HCPs, marketing to them doesn't need to be restricted to office hours. Our measurement technology shows that HCPs are engaging with different channels around the clock, so we know how and where to best reach them. These insights can feed into our activation platform, Life, to automatically engage HCPs in a coordinated way, whether that is during office hours, in their clinical workflow, or off-hours watching CTV," said Andrew Stark, Chief Revenue Officer of PulsePoint.

PulsePoint's CTV marketplace sees over 10 billion opportunities a day and includes partnerships with Innovid, SpotX, Xandr, and Verizon Media.

Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of CTV to connect with high value HCP audiences in a way that is not reliant on third-party cookies. This announcement furthers the company's focus on building a smarter, more scalable, more efficient way for brands to target, reach, understand and activate healthcare audiences through next generation technology that is powered by verified health audience data in real-time.

About PulsePoint

PulsePoint is a leading technology company that uses real-world data in real-time to optimize campaign performance and revolutionize health decision-making. Leveraging proprietary datasets and methodology, PulsePoint targets healthcare professionals and patients with an unprecedented level of accuracy—delivering unparalleled results to the clients we serve. The company is now a part of Internet Brands, a KKR portfolio company and owner of WebMD Health Corp. For more information, visit

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