PulsePoint Launches All-Channel Measurement for Insight-Driven Consumer Activation with Komodo Health

February 27, 2023

Integrated Measurement Delivers Actionable, Privacy-Safe Patient Insights for Real-Time Planning, Activation, and Optimization 

NEW YORK, February 27, 2023 -- PulsePoint, a technology company revolutionizing health decision-making in real time, today announced the launch of integrated direct-to-consumer (DTC) measurement solutions in partnership with Komodo Health, a leading healthcare technology company that has built the industry’s most complete and connected view of patient encounters. PulsePoint clients using the Life platform can now leverage Komodo Health’s advanced analytic capabilities and insights visualization tools for first-party audience profiling and measurement, in addition to PulsePoint’s first-party and proprietary collection of intelligence tools.  

Understanding what influences patients to take clinical action with a brand has become increasingly challenging. Brands need real-time visibility into their actions to fully understand how to influence what they may do next along the patient journey. Those that aren't measuring effectively are most likely acting on insights that don't verify if messaging actually reached a patient in the first place. An unbiased approach to measurement is essential to ensuring marketers have a complete and accurate understanding of what’s working so they’re in the best position to improve campaigns that are underperforming. 

Combining PulsePoint data with the Komodo Healthcare Map and configurable measurement solutions provides unbiased, third-party DTC campaign measurement on exposed and unexposed audiences. This enables PulsePoint clients to harness actionable, privacy-safe audiences with Komodo’s clinical and digital intelligence to rapidly respond to evolving patient behaviors driven by real-time campaign results planned, activated, and optimized on Life. Real-time measurement allows for real-time optimizations to better reach patients within the targeted health condition and drive improved outcomes.

Key omnichannel measurement capabilities Include:

  • Understand what tactics to prioritize to improve audience quality and maximize qualified audience impact.
  • Drill down into key demographic and clinical insights about the audience reached, such as geo-location, age, and gender, knowing who initiated, refilled, or stopped an Rx, or switched to or from a competitor.
  • Identify campaign-driven script lift for exposed and unexposed patients based on a test and control methodology run dynamically, in real time.

“PulsePoint has a significant competitive advantage as it relates to fidelity, flexibility, and access, which allows us to provide a stronger, first-party point of view of the consumer with actionable outcomes to optimize campaigns and strategy that other DTC measurement solutions cannot,” said Andrew Stark, Chief Revenue Officer at PulsePoint. “Our unique approach to closed-loop measurement and variety of solutions allow PulsePoint to deliver the greatest possible HCP and DTC audience reach outcome in near real time.”  

“This partnership fuels a unique opportunity for PulsePoint clients to gain a more comprehensive and representative view of their patient audience, and connect the dots between individual patient journeys and large-scale clinical outcomes,” said Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, Chief Operating Officer at Komodo Health. “As life sciences teams aim to take a more data-driven approach to DTC performance measurement, these new solutions can help give a window into real-time campaign adjustments that can be made to strengthen engagement.”

This announcement furthers PulsePoint’s focus on building a smarter, more scalable, more efficient way for brands to target, reach, understand, and activate healthcare audiences through next-generation technology that is powered by verified health audience data in real time.  

About Pulsepoint

PulsePoint is a leading technology company that uses real-world data in real time to optimize campaign performance and revolutionize health decision-making. Leveraging proprietary datasets and methodology, PulsePoint targets healthcare professionals and patients with an unprecedented level of accuracy—delivering unparalleled results to the clients we serve. The company is now a part of Internet Brands, a KKR portfolio company and owner of WebMD Health Corp. For more information, visit


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