How an NPI Identification Solution Can Optimize Your Digital Marketing

February 16, 2024
Jason Sperber

Maximizing ROI on digital marketing strategy is a goal of every healthcare advertiser. And there’s no shortage of ways to spend advertising dollars with an eye on making much more in return. 

However, to identify the most effective ways to apply your digital market budget, you must first have a holistic view of performance. The reality is that the proxy metrics you’re most likely using to measure your digital strategy only give you a partial view of your customer. 

PulsePoint’s HCP365 NPI Identification Solution helps you fill in these measurement gaps to optimize your digital marketing strategy toward what’s working. Each step in the NPI process is enhanced by real-time data from HCP365 to boost your NPI marketing strategy. NPI performance metrics provide actionable insights on how best to engage HCPs at the moment of consideration and lead them down the path toward purchasing your product. 

Why web-based metrics are not enough in NPI marketing

Web-based metrics can show you crucial data, including time spent on your site, top pages viewed, keywords clicked, and other vital actions, including CRM signups and PDF downloads.

But if you don’t tie these metrics back to an NPI, you won’t be able to tell who, exactly, your customer is. Web-based metrics only reveal the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the long sequence of actions and decisions that lead a potential high-value customer to your doorstep. You may see where a click or page view landed, but these limited metrics give you no idea who that potential customer is—and the whole string of data-rich breadcrumbs that brought them to you in the first place. 

Given that effective targeting is at the heart of any successful digital marketing campaign, it’s important that healthcare advertisers have the right data and analytics to identify and reach the right individual with the right message at the right time. HCP365 matches all of those web-based metrics to an individual NPI, so you can stop dealing with hypotheses and data gaps that lead to wasted spend in digital marketing. NPI advertising becomes more impactful with precise NPI targeting enabled by HCP365's analytics. The result is the ability for healthcare advertisers to deliver personalized information throughout each step in the NPI process, optimizing NPI marketing strategy through precise NPI targeting. ​​HCP365 not only matches all web-based NPI Performance Metrics to individual NPIs but also works to improve overall digital HCP marketing efforts. 

Four key ways to leverage NPI metrics‍ for HCP marketing

For each step in the NPI process, HCP365's analytics help healthcare advertisers:

  • Act on real-time NPI insights to enhance NPI marketing performance metrics
  • Connect online and offline data points to coordinate compelling messaging
  • Map out an NPI’s brand journey
  • Plan your next best action

Act on real-time NPI marketing insights to enhance NPI marketing performance metrics

Utilizing NPI metrics and understanding NPI marketing performance metrics are crucial to unlocking insights on healthcare provider engagement.

The whole point of healthcare advertising is to be a part of your HCP’s decision-making process and nurture them toward brand conversion and loyalty. HCP365 allows you to access insights and engagements from customers delivered in real-time—so you’re executing HCP marketing and healthcare advertising efforts at the exact moment they’re looking for it. HCP marketing efforts are significantly boosted by insights from NPI Identification solutions.

Connect online and offline data points to coordinate compelling messaging

Enhancing your NPI marketing strategy with PulsePoint’s HCP365 NPI Performance Metrics and Identification Solution also allows for proactive engagement by tying digital activity to offline data linked to each NPI. 

One example of offline data is claims information. Rather than monthly optimizations using web-based metrics, you can incorporate claims data into your NPI advertising and NPI targeting efforts daily. This allows you to coordinate your online communications with offline ones, casting an even wider—yet altogether more targeted—net for your healthcare advertising.

Map out the customer journey.

A third advantage of using an NPI Identification Solution is getting a complete digital picture of your customer’s engagement sequence. You can do this by seeing all the touchpoints the customer engages with through your various healthcare advertising channels. 

This also gives you a clear picture of how each channel performed, helping you make smarter healthcare advertising media buys and digital marketing investments moving forward. It's a quick view into your resource spend that tells you which investments are reaching target HCPs—and where there’s room for improvement, too. 

Plan your next best action.

Finally, HCP365 gives you a vital tool for more robust predictions as a healthcare advertiser. 

Beyond the guesswork of web-based metrics, NPI performance metrics let you know which ad an HCP clicked on and which content they engaged with. It allows you to more precisely predict the future message, topic, and channel that will resonate best with potential prescribers. 

Where web-based metrics and limited insights data keep you guessing, HCP365 uses NPI-level intel to view an NPI’s entire decision-making process. This provides you with actionable NPI metrics that make it all the easier to understand the HCPs most engaged with your brand. In turn, you can deliver personalized NPI advertising and NPI targeting in a way customers value most on the path to conversion and loyalty, which means optimizing your digital marketing spend.

As a healthcare advertiser, leveraging advanced healthcare advertising techniques like those offered by HCP365 is essential. With an NPI identification solution, you know which HCPs engage with your brand AND how—invaluable information to lead you to success with your overall HCP marketing strategy.

Want to get started? Book a demo with HCP365, PulsePoint’s award-winning NPI Identification Solution.

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