How an Identity Solution Can Boost Your NPI Search Strategy

October 19, 2021
Tim Brown

In a health marketing field with no shortage of options for where you can choose to spend your money, some decisions are easier to make than others. But you might find yourself wondering about the data-targeting solutions you could be overlooking that can directly maximize your ROI. 

What information from potential customers might you lack access to when it comes to achieving your optimal performance and spend? 

If you’re not using an NPI Identification Solution to engage on a 1:1 level with healthcare providers who are searching your sites and products for information pertaining to their brands, it’s this simple—you’re missing out on an opportunity that’s walking right through your front door. 

PulsePoint’s HCP365 is a unique methodology and technology platform which empowers  marketers to engage with HCPs on a more personal level based on their individual interests by delivering targeted information that can only be gained through the granular insights of an NPI Identification Solution.

An intelligence and insights platform, HCP365 not only shows you exactly who your audience is with the help of transparent, opt-in, first-party data, it also shows every place your audience interacts with the digital touch points of your brand—across channels and down to each individual interaction

Whichever way a customer lands and navigates through your site, it can be measured on an NPI level—which makes this tool too powerful to ignore. 

How the right solution can help maximize your NPI search strategy and ROI

HCP365 helps you to identify and prioritize the HCPs most engaged with your brand by determining who clicked on a search campaign ad. This not only allows you to re-engage with them using the information they care about most, but also allows you to understand which marketing efforts are performing best.

In turn, you can then focus your efforts on spending marketing money on what’s working—and cut losses on those media buys that aren’t doing what you need them to do. 

A personalized message is an effective NPI strategy

As a healthcare marketer, any spend that makes you privy to gaining better and more individualized data from potential clients can only serve to make you more confident in your future marketing investments. By gaining 1:1 level healthcare provider insights into who, exactly, is interested in your particular brand and products, you gain the power to re-engage those providers with personalized campaigns that speak directly to them—and it doesn’t end there. 

You can go after highly qualified HCPs again and again—and at scale—by feeding them exactly the information they’ve come to you looking for in the first place. The results show in your ROI. 

Measuring NPI engagement and spend effectiveness is a win-win

A unique methodology and technology platform, HCP365 accurately measures your audience across all channels—letting you take stock, for example, of the exact URLs that health care providers visit so you can gain insights into their individual behavior to help you further re-engage them with effective programmatic and media buying strategies.

These NPI-level insights help to inform your company on where it’s best served when it comes to future marketing spends, giving you the ability to measure search campaign effectiveness in the form of engagement against your targeted NPIs

What’s more, HCP365 also lets you quantify your spend effectiveness by measuring how much you’re spending per keyword versus how it performs—allowing you to optimize spending on those keywords proven to have the best reach and engagement.

The bottom line: HCP365 boosts your overall NPI search results

HCP365 gives marketers the ability to hone in on the keywords that are resonating most with their audience—and then optimize investments toward those highly functioning keywords with the track record to prove it.  

PulsePoint just launched a survey and 79% of respondents said HCP365 helped their search campaigns. 

Additionally, Connor Minnick, Associate Director of Paid Search at Publicis Health Media, said “HCP365 does a great job providing more visibility into search traffic. By understanding what keywords HCPs are searching, we are able to eliminate consumer traffic to the site, prioritize budget where HCPs are searching and create a target demographic for HCP search. Search can also measure their success in capturing a HCP to a site compared to other media channels.”

Thanks to the raw data reports and engagement metrics the product provides, you will know exactly which keywords worked to drive specific HCPs to your site so that you can better customize your engagement strategies moving forward.

All of these insights let you target the HCPs who are truly interested and will spend money on your brand and products—the customers, in other words, who will actually bring you the business you’re after and maximize the ROI on your search campaigns.

Want to get started? Book a demo with HCP365, PulsePoint’s award-winning NPI Identity Solution.

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