How We Celebrate Our Interns on National Intern Day

July 29, 2021
Riley Peng

National Intern Day, founded by WayUp, is celebrated each year as a way for employers to appreciate their interns. At PulsePoint, we are joining companies nationwide to recognize our interns for their work while our celebration of and gratitude for them extends beyond just a single day. Here’s how:

Mentorship and Growth

Prior to initiating the intern recruiting process, we made sure that all of our intern mentors are 100% ready to craft a valuable learning experience for our interns, especially since our program is entirely remote this year. Even before the intern roles were posted, mentors had already developed full training plans with very specific project and accountability areas our interns would own and deliver. After interns had been hired, the details of their individual learning programs were further refined and personalized to best suit their developmental goals and interests.

Career Development 

Besides on-the-job training, interns can advance their professional growth through an exclusive series of educational and networking opportunities involving team members and leaders across the company, including our Senior Leadership Team. We offer a biweekly Speaker Series in which department experts and our CEO share their personal and professional advice for our interns, a Resume & Interviewing Workshop with our SVP of People, and Excel Trainings with our CFO. Our interns will also meet with former interns who transitioned to full-time employees for insights into how to make the most of their internship at PulsePoint. 

To help our interns learn more about our industry and how PulsePoint operates in the adtech space, we coordinated an AdTech 101 Series that consists of multiple interactive workshops. Interns also get to go on a virtual tour at our data center.

Team-Building and Engagement

Even though building meaningful relationships can be more challenging in a remote setting, we created a variety of opportunities for interns to bond with one another and have fun. These range from icebreakers and 2 truths and a lie polls during Internship Program Orientation, a personal map creation and sharing session where we mapped out our lives and learned about our life histories, to an escape room game.

In addition to virtual events, we foster collaboration and team-building among our cross-department interns through a group video project called “Why PulsePoint?”. They are encouraged to be creative with the format, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with by the end of the internship.

Intern Happiness

At PulsePoint, interns are truly cared for and listened to as members of the PulsePoint family. Throughout their time with us, we check in with them on a regular basis through daily and weekly Intern and Mentor 1:1s, team huddles, and weekly Intern Happiness Check-Ins. We want to ensure they’re having a fantastic time interning, learning, and growing. Should there be a hiccup, we’re here to nip it in the bud and help them get right back on track. 


Beyond Intern Appreciation Day, interns are celebrated at every touchpoint of their journey at PulsePoint. efore their start date, they received branded welcome e-cards with personalized messages and GIFs from their mentors and teams. During their internship, they get to enjoy celebratory messages across our Slack and social media channels, a welcome call with our CEO, and a live virtual Spotlight session for the whole company to get to know them better. We’re also marking the conclusion of the internship program with an Internship Program Graduation Ceremony, where our very own “DJ Stupid” will mix up an intern-curated playlist, while interns take “internship graduation photos” with their branded internship program graduation certificates.

As someone who began my journey as a PulsePoint intern a bit over two years ago, I can fully attest to the lasting impact our internship program can have on our interns’ careers. My internship here has been a life-changing experience, and I feel extremely honored to collaborate with the whole company to continue building PulsePoint’s future by recruiting and engaging talented interns, many of whom have converted to full-time employees over the years.

Two summers forward from when I first started, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to celebrate National Intern Day with another bright class of interns who have done so much to support me, our teams, and our departmental and company goals. At the same time, I want to thank all of PulsePoint for teaching, developing, and empowering our interns. I look forward to the wonderful memories we’ll share and many more things we’ll accomplish together in the upcoming days of our internship program.

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