As PulsePoint joins the WebMD family, we can create new and unified solutions to the healthcare marketing industry.
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Internet Brands Closes PulsePoint Acquisition

June 8, 2021
Maria Simeone

As PulsePoint joins the Internet Brands and WebMD family, we are poised to introduce new and unified solutions to the market leveraging combined competencies and scale to better serve clients, healthcare professionals, and consumers. 

Combination of managed media and programmatic media 

With the increasingly fragmented media landscape, and the phase out of third-party cookies only adding to this fragmentation, health marketers are looking for an alternative approach to their targeting, tracking, and measurement strategy.

The combination of WebMD/Medscape and PulsePoint unites two of the leading players in health media. You have the leader in health content and managed programs joining with the leader in programmatic health media. Any combined solution will enable health brands to better meet their advertising goals, and has the potential to revolutionize the way health marketing gets done.

Value of the data 

With third-party tracking going away, first-party data—and the ability to use data in a privacy-safe way to deliver value to readers—become important in our advertising ecosystem. WebMD has an established loyal readership and an abundance of high quality first-party data, PulsePoint has the technology to extend that reach across the Web. Scaling a combined solution from the two companies may help counter the impact of tracking restrictions on media. 

WebMD stronger  

WebMD has consistently been a mainstay on the health marketing scene for decades now. But as technology has developed and data capabilities have gotten more precise, advertising, like so many other things in life, is starting to be automated. 

Having PulsePoint in its fold will enable WebMD to accelerate its adoption of automated programmatic processes, and deliver the market the high quality audiences they always have, with scale, transparency, and real-time optimization. There's a huge upside for advertisers.

PulsePoint stronger 

Being part of the WebMD family makes PulsePoint an even stronger player in the health market. As the largest health media platform, WebMD has scale, scope, and credibility across consumers and healthcare professionals. Having access to their data backbone will enable PulsePoint to strengthen audience targeting on their programmatic platform. There are so many positives that can come from this union. I look forward to seeing the innovation this unleashes. 

PulsePoint will remain an independently run entity, with teams in New York City, San Francisco, and London. Terms are not being disclosed.

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