Our Takeaways from the 2023 MM+M Women of Distinction Event

May 24, 2023

PulsePoint was excited to send a team to the MM+M Women of Distinction event on May 15—an occasion dedicated to celebrating women in healthcare marketing, and specifically “the individuals whose leadership, creativity, and insight lift everyone they encounter.”

“The world of medical marketing does not lack for inspiring, accomplished woman leaders,” said MM+M editor-in-chief Larry Dobrow. “For the eighth year in a row, we’re honored to be able to shine a richly deserved spotlight on a group of women who are respected by colleagues and competitors alike.”

The event was headlined by keynote speaker Nancy N. Contreras, MD, MPH, chief health care officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Panelists included women leaders from MM+M, GCI Group, and Ogilvy Health, as well as PulsePoint VP of Marketing Maria Simeone. They explored topics relevant to every woman in the industry, such as how to fight double standards at work, take risks and encourage growth, and inspire change through mentorship.

The PulsePoint team left the event feeling inspired, engaged, and committed to putting each woman’s hard-earned lessons into practice in their own workplace. We’ve gathered their top takeaways here:

Mya Joseph, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Mya’s top takeaway was that you have to be willing to support and receive support from your team; it’s a two-way relationship. You also have to be willing to take risks, which means trusting yourself to get things done and letting go of your self-doubt. To do this, take stock of your accomplishments and successes—while also always keeping an eye out for your next opportunity for growth.

Dylan Eisen, Sales Executive

Dylan left the event with a stronger sense of what it takes to be a great leader. Being a strong leader means giving your team a platform to shine, elevating their hard work to ensure it’s seen by those who otherwise might not know about it.

Dylan also said the discussions made her realize how lucky she was to have a strong mentor in Maria Simeone. She said Maria has always given her a platform and responsibilities that made her feel empowered. A strong leader never makes their team members feel too young or too junior—a person might be inexperienced, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable.

Alissa Lopez, Product Marketing Manager

Alissa was particularly struck by the conversation about navigating the “double bind,” which is the obstacles women face when trying to be both competent and kind at work—an expectation that most men don’t experience. For example, women leaders are often criticized for being too aggressive if they display some of the same behaviors as their male counterparts. The panelists said the best thing to do in this situation is speak up: Call out the hypocrisy and have the hard conversations so you can overcome it.

Leah Drotch, Client Strategist

Leah was also struck by the double bind problem, and she said it reminded her of the importance of women always lifting each other up. This is where mentorship and sponsorship come into play; it’s important for women to not only advocate for themselves but be willing to ask for help when they need it.

Sanwari Gupta, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager

Sanwari was reminded that it’s important to say no, especially in situations where you’re asked to do something because you’re the only woman in the room, such as administrative or support work. In a similar sense, you shouldn’t ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself if needed (i.e., drudge work).

She also took away the idea that a good leader advocates for people who aren’t able to advocate for themselves, while a good mentor gives other women opportunities they didn’t have.

Dani Dinstein, Product Manager, Life

One of Dani’s top takeaways was that you have to set your own bar for success rather than comparing yourself to others. As one of the speakers said, “If you compare yourself to an average, you’re lowering your own standard.”

She was also energized by their discussion about how a strong leader helps their team grow, rather than just forcing the people they manage to do work they feel is beneath them.

Amy Fieber, Product Marketing Director

Amy’s top takeaways were about shifting your mindset when it comes to risk: Try to see barriers as opportunities for growth and make the best of any situation.

She particularly enjoyed the way the panelists encouraged women to break the cycle, be their own advocate, and facilitate change to create new norms and make the office a better place for future women. One way to do this is to eliminate the pressure to take on tasks outside of someone’s job role, such as being the default note-taker in meetings.

Amy said this last point resonated with her: Success comes in the form of teamwork. A good leader will acknowledge if someone is getting credit for someone else’s work, especially in front of people who might not know otherwise.

PulsePoint was proud to sponsor the MM+M Women of Distinction event and celebrate the women who are moving the industry forward. The team walked away inspired and with a strengthened commitment to fostering growth for women leaders in health marketing.

Interested in joining the PulsePoint team? Check out our open positions here.

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