PulsePoint Expands Point-of-Care Marketing With Real-Time Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solution

April 26, 2022

NEW YORK, Apr. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- PulsePoint, a technology company revolutionizing health decision-making in real-time, today announced the general availability of its programmatic approach to engaging healthcare providers (HCPs) within their point of care workflow. Clients using Life by PulsePoint™, the company's media activation platform, can directly engage HCPs in real time within Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems while adhering to HIPAA and data privacy regulations. This presents another step in PulsePoint's mission to build health-first data-driven solutions that deliver impact across the care continuum.

Designed to be turnkey, this new capability allows healthcare marketers to target provider identification  numbers (NPIs) on various EHR platforms and trigger communications based on a variety of identifier and treatment codes including NPI, ICD-10, and NDC codes. Once identified, HCPs can be reached using standard brand assets across various touch points within the EHR platform experience. This ensures that the messaging reaches providers at strategic treatment inflection points during the patient journey, at the point-in-time when patients are most receptive to receiving and retaining information about a treatment.

Now, healthcare marketers have the ability to build awareness with brand messaging, deliver therapeutic messaging, distribute co-pay support, and enroll patients into patient engagement programs to improve health outcomes.

Key benefits include:

Granular point-of-care targeting: Use business rules to trigger messages within the EHR system to target the HCP by NPI, specialty or location; and/or by the patient being treated, in terms of diagnosis or current or prior Rx.

Seamless contextual relevance: Align messages with relevant discussion or decision points happening in the doctor's office within the EHR workflow – during the system log-in experience, adjacent to patient charts and/or during diagnosis entry.

Continuous engagement of both HCPs and patients: Communicate important disease, clinical, brand or financial messaging throughout the patient visit.

Boost eRx and Improve Outcomes: Facilitate doctor-patient affordability and adherence discussions by providing coupon/copay and patient support onboarding information when – and where – medication is prescribed.

"This addition to our point-of-care solutions is a game-changer for health brands. It is the first time brands can display specific messaging within the HCP's actual workflow when they will find them most useful. This means your target clinician is more likely to see, read, and act on your message, increasing script lift and impacting patient outcomes like never before," said Andrew Stark, Chief Revenue Office at PulsePoint.

This EHR-integrated  solution is the latest addition to PulsePoint's portfolio of point of care solutions (Point-of-Care Proximity and Point-of-Care Populations) to target specific patient populations digitally, before, during and after the doctor visit.

About PulsePoint
PulsePoint is a leading technology company that uses real-world data in real-time to optimize campaign performance and revolutionize health decision-making. Leveraging proprietary datasets and methodology, PulsePoint targets healthcare professionals and patients with an unprecedented level of accuracy—delivering unparalleled results to the clients we serve. The company is now a part of Internet Brands, a KKR portfolio company and owner of WebMD Health Corp. For more information, visit

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