PulsePoint Launches Charitable Campaign to Promote Clinical Research as a Care Option

May 21, 2018

New York, New York  - PulsePoint, the leading global authority in programmatic technology, content marketing and health activation, today announced a month-long charitable campaign to promote awareness and education around clinical trials. PulsePoint is on a mission to achieve better health outcomes for the world’s population through technology and data.  A key element in driving health outcomes is supporting clinical research and product innovation. In recognition of International Clinical Trials Day, PulsePoint is launching a three-part community education and outreach initiative around clinical trials.

  • Over the course of a month, PulsePoint will donate use of its programmatic technology to promote three clinical trial public education campaigns:  One Person Closer by TransCelerate, MT Pharmacy by Langland and CISCRP and Clara Health’s “Patients Have Power” campaigns. All three campaigns use the power of storytelling to help raise awareness around the importance of clinical trials, educate and empower communities. Programmatic health technology is an efficient way to get specific messages out on media to people who will be interested in them in a targeted way.
  • ‍On May 31, 2018, PulsePoint will host a gala celebrating the Popup Star contest. Popup Star is an annual multi-stakeholder, community based competition to promote clinical research as a care option. The Popup Star winner will be announced at the gala, taking place at PulsePoint’s NYC headquarters.
  • In addition, PulsePoint teams will donate time to canvas New York and San Francisco neighborhoods to help raise awareness of programs dedicated to accelerating research and improving health.

Clinical trial operators report major challenges in patient recruitment and retention. It has been estimated that almost 80% of trials fail to meet their enrollment timelines. This is because few eligible candidates are aware that clinical trials are a therapeutic option, so they are not proactively searching for relevant clinical trials. To date roughly 56 million clinical trial seats are open globally.

”Programmatic technology has the power to help bring clinical research to the forefront for the patients who stand to benefit,” said PulsePoint CEO, Sloan Gaon. “With big data and digital access to the world’s population, we reach very specific patient populations in the specific geographies where trials are available, and intervene meaningfully to educate them about the pros and cons of clinical trials, get them to think differently about trials and help them get connected and screened.”

“We can't expect to bring the promise of research to all until we recognize that health literacy is a human right,” said Angela Radcliffe GM of Clinical Trial Solutions. ”People don’t know what they don’t know and when it comes to health, people’s lives are at stake. This outreach will meet people where they are and empower them to take action.”

The news follows the company’s recent announcement regarding the release of Genome by PulsePoint™ a comprehensive data platform that unifies clinical and real-world data to break down the barriers between customer knowledge, customer experiences, marketing impact and health outcomes to achieve radical health personalization putting consumers in the center of all health outreach.

About PulsePoint

PulsePoint, a global programmatic advertising platform with specialized healthcare expertise, fuses the science of programmatic targeting, distribution and optimization with the art of brand engagement. The PulsePoint platform is powered by terabytes of impression-level data, allowing brands to efficiently engage the right audiences at scale while helping publishers increase yield through actionable insights. Investors in the company include Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Gotham Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures (NAV), Patricia Industries, Updata Partners and VantagePoint Capital Partners. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, California, and London, U.K. Learn more about PulsePoint here.

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