PulsePoint Launches Health Incubator To Support The Development Of Novel Datasets And Health Intelligence

PulsePoint Launches Data Lab, an Incubator for Health Data Startups

October 14, 2020

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PulsePoint, a technology company using real-time data to accelerate health marketing, today announced the launch of PulsePoint Data Lab™,  a collaborative incubator program designed to support early stage health data startups with opportunities to co-create commercial products and solutions.

PulsePoint's Data Lab aims to make it easier for health data startups to build, launch, amplify, innovate, and scale together. Startups graduating from the program will be ready to disrupt and evolve an ever-evolving health data ecosystem with new products and developed go-to-market strategies.

"The average human generates almost 147 GB of data per day, approximately one third of which is related to an individual's health. Real-time data is the single biggest factor disrupting healthcare today, but healthcare companies struggle to make sense of it," said PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon. "As data and technology disrupters in healthcare, I'm excited to support the next generation of data solutions by leveraging these large data sets and applying an AI-based intelligence layer to improve health outcomes."

The PulsePoint team will work collaboratively with participating companies, providing the resources and experience to help shape and refine their offering, establish their pitch and fine-tune their business plan, including resources like commercial insights, business skills, legal counsel, and network connections. Support will also include access to PulsePoint's Signal and Life platforms for experimentation, lab space and capital.

Applications are currently open at www.pulsepointdatalab.com

About PulsePoint
We are a technology company using real time data to transform healthcare. Through machine learning and programmatic automation, we interpret the hard-to-read signals of the health journey to understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. We do this by unifying real-time Digital Determinants of Health™, offline and clinical data to create a unique and precise view of health audiences that refines, improves and increases its view over time. Visit www.pulsepoint.com for more about the company's technology and award winning culture.

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