PulsePoint's Trader Hall of Fame: Katie O’Reilly

November 18, 2021
Dylan Eisen

The PulsePoint team is committed to recognizing all of the amazing work that our clients do to improve health outcomes for the world’s population. That’s why we are kicking off a special series dedicated to highlighting our all-star clients who have gone above and beyond to execute successful campaigns that foster a healthier world. To kick-off our Trader Hall of Fame series, we have nominated a true programmatic rockstar, Katie O’Reilly, Programmatic Media Supervisor at Publicis Health Media.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Katie O’Reilly and am excited to share why she made our Trader Hall of Fame list below..

Katie’s Journey To Programmatic

Katie’s journey into programmatic began in college, when she received a degree in Marketing at Sacred Heart University. After graduation, she started her career in media at Clear Channel Outdoors where she was a Media Sales Coordinator.  After her experience with digital out of home media, Katie joined the Publicis Health Media Team and her successful career in programmatic media had officially taken off.

Katie’s decision to focus her career in programmatic began after she carefully evaluated the marketing landscape. After chatting with a friend who worked in programmatic, Katie knew that programmatic was not only ever-evolving, but that it was the true future of advertising. “If you want longevity in marketing, you have to be where the career path is sustainable,” Katie added. Since making the shift into programmatic, she has been an advocate for the efficiency and effectiveness of this type of media buying, which has contributed to her success in the space and has landed her a spot on the PulsePoint Trader Hall of Fame.

Katie’s Advice For Someone Starting Out in Programmatic

Being an extremely successful trader, Katie has a lot of tips and tricks for someone just starting their career in the industry. One of the main things Katie emphasized when asked about her secret to success is patience. Katie said, “Since it is ever-evolving, you really can’t be a complacent individual in programmatic… especially if you want longevity, you will have to be able to adapt to change easily.” In an industry where there is constant change, whether it be a DSP update or the latest cookie regulations, Katie advises newcomers to be proactive and willing to fall down a couple of times and know that it's all a part of a learning process. “If you stick with it, it's such an amazing marketing medium to be a part of,” said Katie.

Katie’s Favorite Part of Her Job

Her advice about patience in a constantly changing industry is coincidentally also Katie’s favorite part of her job. She loves learning about the extent of programmatic capabilities and is excited to see the future possibilities. Katie said that she believes “there is no aspect of reaching an audience that we will not be able to achieve in years to come.” What was once only campaigns running on IAB standards, has evolved into video, CTV, DOOH, audio, etc. and Katie cannot wait to see where the future will take programmatic media.

Katie’s Favorite Part About Working with PulsePoint

Just as the PulsePoint team had wonderful things to say about this Trader Hall of Fame-er, Katie was very enthusiastic about her relationships with our team. She mentioned that the team is constantly helping her with the platform and is very quick to provide meaningful answers to her questions. Katie said that the “team makes you feel special, and not just like another client.” Well the truth is Katie, you are not just another client and we appreciate your help in making our platform better!

The Best Piece of Advice Katie’s Been Given

“Live your life by the 5x5 rule. If it won't matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.”

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