PulsePoint’s Trader Hall of Fame: Kyle Davis

June 22, 2023
Mya Joseph

PulsePoint’s Health Trader Hall of Fame: Kyle Davis (Coegi)

The PulsePoint team is committed to recognizing all of the amazing work that our clients do to improve health outcomes for the world’s population. That’s why we started a special series, the Trader Hall of Fame, dedicated to highlighting our all-star clients who have gone above and beyond to execute successful campaigns that foster a healthier world. This month’s inductee in the Trader Hall of Fame is Kyle Davis, Senior Programmatic Specialist at Coegi.

How Kyle Got Started with Healthcare Marketing

After graduating with a degree in marketing from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Kyle took a job in the advertising department at the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. After several roles on the print side of the advertising business, he was looking for a change. “I could see where the trends were going,” Kyle said. “Newspapers were in decline; digital was up and coming. That’s where I saw an opportunity.”

He got his foot in the door in the world of digital advertising by joining the publication’s digital operations team, where he took on a role trafficking ads for the website.  Fortunately, it really spoke to him, though he admitted that he wasn’t excited about the prospect of working in operations at first. “That’s why you keep your mind open to opportunities, because I found a home there,” he said. The team grew and work evolved, and Kyle started running programmatic ads for their digital clients.  

“I took on more, I ended up leading that initiative, but it was relatively small tools and small accounts,” Kyle said, “and that's when I knew I had to move on to something bigger.” He soon found a new programmatic role with digital media and marketing agency, Coegi, which allowed him to “work on bigger problems'' using “bigger tools.”

Kyle’s Favorite Part of the Job

“I really enjoy taking on a new campaign, maybe a brand new client, and getting it off the ground level,” Kyle said, although he described many aspects that he enjoys about his role.

He said he appreciates the audience-building process, especially when he’s given a bit of free rein and able to flex his creativity. “Sometimes it's like, ‘Here's an idea for an audience, but you go run with it,’” he said.

He especially enjoys “the testing of [these audiences],  watching to see where the results lie, and then being able to take those on to my next client who might be looking for something similar.”

Kyle & PulsePoint

Of working with PulsePoint, Kyle said he enjoys using the platform, but “what has been most rewarding and a real education is my ability to have such a connection with Zach.” He appreciates the one-on-one interactions and opportunities for face time—and that Zach Hasselbring, PulsePoint’s Senior Manager, Platform Solutions at PulsePoint, is always willing to talk on the phone or respond to messages. “I call it the batphone,” Kyle said. “ I can just chat with him at any time and he’s cool about it.”

Kyle said he’s been working in the PulsePoint healthcare marketing platform for two years and he’s enjoyed seeing it change. “I've been able to see the life platform grow since I started working in it … and so many improvements have been made,” Kyle said. “It feels good to see where it has been and to see how it has grown to adapt to the needs that we have had [for our clients].”

Mostly, Kyle said he appreciates the PulsePoint team’s responsiveness when it comes to questions and feedback. “It's that level of exposure that you just don't have with everyone. It's unique and it's been truly rewarding.”

When asked about specific platform features that he enjoys, he said, “The dancing cow is definitely a fan favorite among our team,” and he later added that he thinks the Smart List feature is “so cool.”

Kyle’s Words of Wisdom for Programmatic Healthcare Marketing

For anyone new to programmatic healthcare, Kyle stressed the importance of going in at the ground level and doing the grunt work. “That’s where you truly learn the ins and outs,” he said. “You grind and you learn, and it puts you in such a better position.”

As a self-proclaimed introvert, Kyle said that he and other people in programmatic “can be quiet” and “very focused,” but he received some helpful perspective from a manager that inspired him to be more communicative. 

“I’ve made a point to try to speak up more as I’m in meetings,” he said. And by preparing ahead of time and pushing himself to say more, he said, “… it’s become second nature to me. And I feel like it’s helped with my own leadership qualities.” He recommends this approach to others who are struggling to have their voices heard.

Kyle Outside of Work

Kyle is a lifelong resident of Minnesota, In his free time, he spends most of his time chasing around his two young kids. He also enjoys playing softball with old friends over the summer. And whenever they have free time alone—however infrequent that may be—he likes going to local breweries and taprooms with his wife.

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