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Meet HCPs At Clinical Decision-Making Moments, Wherever They Are

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If you’re thinking about an omnichannel strategy, you understand the value of putting your health audience—in this case the healthcare provider (HCP)—at the center of your go-to-market approach.

Omnichannel is more than just an ad campaign or marketing program. It is an approach to creating seamless and productive customer experiences that transcend the boundaries of channels.

Omnichannel entails setting strategy based on what the data tells you: using marketing, media, and clinical data to power your marketing and campaign strategy to meet HCPs’ needs and your business goals.

Getting value from omnichannel can be a big project: Media management systems and campaign and clinical data workflows are often siloed throughout organizations, and proving marketing ROI is becoming more important each day. 

But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. This guide will provide you with a straightforward approach to using technology to implement your omnichannel strategy today.

The Power
of Omnichannel HCP Engagement

Omnichannel marketing, a dynamic strategy encompassing seamless interaction across various communication channels, has emerged as a transformative approach for engaging target audiences effectively.

In the pharmaceutical sector, particularly when targeting HCPs, embracing omnichannel tactics offers many benefits.

Like the rest of us, HCPs are now hyper-digital and always on. This translates to a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical brands. An omnichannel strategy ensures that pharmaceutical companies can engage these healthcare professionals in a variety of settings with precision and control, striking a balance between meeting their individual needs and preferences without inundating them. 

This personalized approach improves the effectiveness of your marketing, the efficiency of your budgets, your marketing ROI, and the strength of your relationships with healthcare professionals. 

Graduating from
Multichannel to Omnichannel

To reach HCPs within each channel (multichannel), brands have typically had to make critical tradeoffs in terms of channel, budget, frequency, and time of day. 

But now, with omnichannel, brands have one budget, one strategy, and one unified cross-channel set of data. 

Ultimately, the goal of both strategies is to engage with customers effectively, but multichannel and omnichannel differ in their approach and focus. Here's the difference between the two:

Multichannel marketing involves using various channels independently to engage with your customer.

The emphasis is on providing customers with options to interact through different channels, but the channels may not necessarily be integrated or coordinated in terms of messaging and customer experience. Multichannel marketing requires marketers to pre-determine where they have the highest likelihood of encountering their target HCPs. They then invest in those select channels with the expectation that the target HCP shows up and receives their messaging.

Multichannel = Table Stakes

  • Manual, upfront coordination between channels in the planning phase; optimizations only by channel
  • Multiple options for engagement but limited integration of experiences
  • Data may be collected from various sources, but the integration of that data could be limited and/or a manual effort

Omnichannel marketing goes a step further, using all channels seamlessly and as one to reach the HCP in a coordinated way.

With an omnichannel approach, you don’t have to make channel decisions in advance. Omnichannel gives you the ability to reach the HCP wherever they are, no matter what path they take in their journey from brand consideration to trial. And once you run your campaign, you can look at the data from the HCP lens to measure your overall impact with your HCP instead of just channel engagement. 

Through the use of continuous, real-time data, omnichannel marketing is able to deliver a unified and integrated experience across all touchpoints.

Omnichannel = Next Evolution

  • Coordinate across all HCP touchpoints, with real-time optimizations throughout the campaign life cycle
  • Consolidate brand dollars for greater efficiency (platform fees, negotiated data rates, etc.)
  • Create campaign management efficiencies (budget, frequencies, etc.)
  • Generate one integrated data set

How Technology Simplifies Omnichannel HCP Marketing

Having the right technology platform in place is crucial for effective omnichannel marketing in this context. 

The right platform enables pharmaceutical marketers to gather information about healthcare professionals’ behaviors and interaction patterns.

It leverages this data to tailor the timing of touchpoints and specific creative or messaging to maximize engagement impact. 

It further enhances this process by automating media management and content delivery with a unified campaign strategy across ALL channels.

No guesswork
No arbitrary decisions
No tradeoffs

In essence, as pharmaceutical companies navigate the intricacies of engaging HCPs, omnichannel marketing fortified by data-driven insights and technology emerges as an indispensable strategy, with the possibility of redefining the landscape of HCP engagement. 

How to select an omnichannel technology platform

By thoroughly evaluating these questions, you can make an informed decision about which technology platform is the best fit for your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

How advanced is your audience segmentation? 

This is necessary to deliver highly personalized content to different segments, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How does your platform handle data privacy and compliance? 

Ensure the platform follows relevant health and data privacy regulations (like HIPAA, GDPR) and has robust measures in place to protect user data.

What kind of reporting and analytics are provided? 

Robust reporting tools can help you track campaign performance, optimize strategies, and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders.

What is the level of transparency?

Transparency into placements, performance, costs, and fees is crucial for evaluating the success of your campaigns and managing your budget effectively.

What is the ease of use and user interface like?

A user-friendly interface can save you time and frustration during campaign setup and management.

What data sources does your platform use for targeting and optimization? 

A good platform should have access to a wide range of reliable data sources to refine targeting and optimization. Best-in-class platforms will have access to verified first-party data.

What is the platform's reach and scale?

Consider the platform's reach in terms of the number of impressions and users. This is especially important if you're targeting a broad audience.

What optimization features are offered?

Look for features like real-time bidding, dynamic creative optimization, and automated campaign adjustments to maximize your campaign's effectiveness.

What kind of support and training does the platform provide?

Adequate support and training can make the platform onboarding process smoother and help you make the most of its features.

PulsePoint for Omnichannel Engagement

With omnichannel reach, real-time audience insights, and person-level campaign measurement integrated in one technology platform, PulsePoint is the one-stop shop for your omnichannel campaigns.

Game-Changing HCP Insights to Fuel Your Omnichannel Marketing

1 : 1 HCP Insights

PulsePoint uses a first-party data foundation and Authenticated NPITM technology to build robust and defensible identity graphs and reach authenticated, verified NPIs in the US. 

This enables one-to-one audience insight-gathering across marketers’ entire addressable population, across all channels and devices, over time.

Powered by First-Party Authenticated NPI Data

Table Stakes
Next Level
Authenticated NPITM
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Health content
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • IP address
  • Campaign clicks
  • Conversions
  • ZIP code
  • Radius
  • Point-of-care location
  • IBM Watson
  • NPI lists
  • HCP profession
  • HCP specialty
  • Clinical behavior (Dx, Tx, Rx)
  • Practice staff
Table Stakes
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Health content
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • IP address
  • Campaign clicks
  • Conversions
  • ZIP code
  • Radius
  • Point-of-care location
  • IBM Watson
Next Level
Authenticated NPITM
  • NPI lists
  • HCP profession
  • HCP specialty
  • Clinical behavior (Dx, Tx, Rx)
  • Practice staff

While you can start to reap the benefits of omnichannel marketing simply by coordinating your reach and frequency across the various channels HCPs use, PulsePoint enables you to refine the campaign experience through personalization. 

With PulsePoint, since you know who the HCP is, you can fulfill each interaction by acknowledging the HCP’s needs and personalizing the message you deliver, rather than simply serving the HCP your standard ad units. 

This personalization happens on a single interaction basis, but also throughout the course of the campaign, sequentially moving the HCP forward along their brand journey, toward a brand decision, without ever inundating them.

Rapid and Intelligent Measurement of Media + Clinical Insights

PulsePoint provides instant visibility into omnichannel campaign results so you can evaluate the person-level impact and channel-level influence simultaneously. The levels of person-level measurement are built-in media insights and clinical insights

Not only do you gain access to these insights to help you further refine campaign strategy and inform your overall marketing strategy, these insights are integrated into PulsePoint’s programmatic platform for immediate optimization activation.

Click through the tabs below to view our measurement solutions.

Media Insights

How the HCP responded to your omnichannel campaign.

  • Clicks
  • Views
  • Conversions (downloads)
  • Site engagement (page views)
  • Exposure (NPI level, uniques, frequency)
  • Interest (keywords, CTR)
Data Delivery/Refresh
  • Real-time
What You Learn
  • HCP audience segmentation strategy (informed by engagement)
  • Channel strategy & optimization
  • Content interest (page views, keywords)
  • Message segmentation strategy
  • Improved conversions 
  • Improved site engagement
  • Improved CTR
  • Lower cost per NPI reached (efficiency)

Clinical Insights

How the HCP changed their prescribing behavior as a result of your campaign and which HCPs responded to your campaign.

  • Trending new, exposed & total scripts
  • Campaign vs. universe
  • Average TRx
  • Profession/specialty script behavior
  • Writing behavior changes
  • Geographic insights
Data Delivery/Refresh
  • 4-week lag/weekly updates
What You Learn
  • Media effectiveness
  • Exposed vs. universe
  • HCP audience segmentation strategy (informed by writing behavior)
  • Increased TRx volume
  • Decreased cost per Rx
  • Desired changes in segmented writing behavior

Person-Level Analytics

Additionally, mid-flight or post-campaign, certain programmatic technologies like PulsePoint also deliver analytics to further refine your digital campaign strategy and more effectively connect with HCPs through offline channels and in-person engagement.

These include insights like:

  • Who specifically is visiting your site or clicking your ads
    Knowing the identity of your HCP audience helps you understand (and better allocate budget against) the audience segments that represent the highest opportunity for your brand.
  • What HCPs are doing while on your site and, importantly, post-click
    Better understanding what HCPs click on, what content they download, what page they spend the most time on, and what actions they then take helps you customize your campaign to optimize messages that are guaranteed to be of interest to your HCPs and also drive brand behaviors. 
  • Where your HCP audience comes from
    By knowing which messages and formats are attracting the highest-responding HCPs, you can optimize your omnichannel efforts and create more meaningful engagement throughout their journey.

Real-Time Connectivity Between HCP Identity, Insights, and Activation

To run an omnichannel campaign, you need to know who the HCP is when they show up across the various channels they use, understand a little about what will motivate them, and be able to coordinate your messaging to them across channels and over time.

PulsePoint is the first platform to build real-time connectivity between identity, insights, and activation, so you: 

A) know the authenticated identity of the HCP you are reaching

B) have insight into the HCP’s needs and actions pre-campaign and behaviors post-campaign

C) have the ability to reach that HCP wherever they are or go next, all in one platform and in real time

Automatic Optimizations via One Continuous Real-Time Intelligence Loop

PulsePoint campaigns are powered by our Real-Time Intelligence Loop. For campaigns running through our platform, immediate results are gathered, which are then used to make more informed decisions to better influence HCP activity. 

Once a campaign is live, this intelligence loop enables marketers to optimize budgets in the places that are delivering the most impact, refine targeting to reach HCPs who are likely to take action, and determine which HCPs should be getting which creative.

Like a flywheel, all of the data that’s gathered over time is being fed back into the system for auto-optimization, so your campaigns are being constantly refined to deliver better outcomes. And it’s completely transparent. 

With PulsePoint, there is no black box around our segmentation or measurement methodologies or how we identify and activate dynamic audiences.

Platform-Based Omnichannel In Action

Here’s the good news: PulsePoint makes it easy to action first-party NPI data and turn insights into a reliable asset and a competitive advantage. 

An omnichannel HCP strategy based on PulsePoint’s access to first-party data boosts return on investment, saves time and money, and keeps things compliant with privacy regulations.

In this example, an HCP is tagged as a target for your brand because they saw a competitor TV ad on their CTV device. Your omnichannel campaign kicks into gear and begins to move this HCP away from the competitor brand and toward yours.

The HCP is served a video ad for your brand while they are on a Hearst site—and we pique their interest. We see that they do a search and visit your brand site. 

Based on a pixel that’s on your site, we identify them as HCP12345678. We can now retarget them when they show up at a medical conference on conference-related media and digital billboards at the event venue. 

We see that our campaign is working because they revisit the brand site and download your MOA PDF, and they also visit Medscape to read up on your therapeutic category. 

If in a few weeks they still haven’t written a script for your brand, we serve them another TV ad on CTV, deliver messaging to their office staff, who may be key influencers, and message them at point-of-care through their EHR.

PulsePoint delivers the greatest understanding of HCP Intent to inform Omnichannel Activation

PulsePoint operates a leading marketing platform that gives marketers the full range of functionality to implement an omnichannel strategy and interact with their target customers and HCP audience.

From planning and activation through measurement and optimization, PulsePoint manages dynamic omnichannel HCP marketing for 
pharmaceutical brands.

Get started with PulsePoint, and see our HCP omnichannel capabilities in action!

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of surveyed organizations who selected PulsePoint to solve for targeting HCP audiences said PulsePoint's HCP targeting is better compared to other platforms they've worked with or are working with.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: A6F-675-D05

of surveyed organizations said their campaigns perform better relative to other industry alternatives in terms of Rx lift.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: BED-BF5-F9D

of surveyed organizations said PulsePoint’s omnichannel insights are better than other platforms they’ve worked with or are working with.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 5C9-FAA-811

of surveyed organizations said PulsePoint’s immediate measurement is better compared to other platforms they’ve worked with or are working with.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 889-B36-606

"Unmatched for HCP marketing."

Source: TechValidate. TVID: D46-305-417

PulsePoint is a leading technology company that uses real-world data in real-time to optimize campaign performance and revolutionize health decision-making. 

Leveraging proprietary datasets and methodology, PulsePoint targets healthcare professionals and consumer populations with an unprecedented level of accuracy—delivering unparalleled results to the clients we serve. 

The company is now a part of Internet Brands, a KKR portfolio company and owner of WebMD Health Corp. For more information, visit