How PulsePoint Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day

March 4, 2021
Tom Morselli

I’m amazed at the incredibly talented team we’ve put together here at PulsePoint. Sitting on yet another “virtual conference call” and looking at the sea of 100+ engaged faces on my laptop, it’s clear that it’s not only our products and services that differentiate us from our competitors. It’s the individual team members that bring a company like PulsePoint to life that are truly the barometer through which our success can be measured.  

March 5 marks National Employee Appreciation Day, the brainchild of Dr. Bob Nelson, arguably the world’s leading authority on employee recognition, motivation, and engagement.  Back in 1995, Nelson pushed for the first Friday of every March to be a day of recognition where companies showcase their gratitude for their most important asset, their people.

And like most companies, on this day we’re planning on showing some love to our hardworking team members. However, it’s important for companies to show their appreciation throughout the year by the actions they take each and every day. Sadly, some companies revert back to the status quo after buying a few pizzas and distributing a few thank-yous. At PulsePoint, team member appreciation and engagement are as important as any single thing we do.

This past year (more than any other) COVID-19 put that concept to the test, forcing many companies to re-evaluate their current perks and benefits, evolving them to meet the needs of a workforce that is now, predominantly, remote. PulsePoint was no different and we made significant efforts this past year to focus on identifying new opportunities to support our team. 

Here are some of the things that we've done over the past year to show our appreciation to the team and help support them while we’re working remotely:

New Health and Wellness Benefits

We fully cover the annual membership for One Medical, a primary care practice, giving team members and their families access to quality and convenient concierge-style care. In addition, to support our team’s physical and mental health, we cover 100% of the cost for Headspace Plus, unlimited physical therapy and online workout classes from the comfort of your home.

Remote Work Support

Internally dubbed “Delight from a Distance”, we launched a series of programs that brought a bit of familiarity to our day to day while continuing to find ways to support our team members as we collectively embraced our “new normal.”

Over the past year, we’ve hosted a series of virtual lunch-and-learns for the team to join a complimentary meal while supporting their growth and development while remote. We also maintain a curated list of free and helpful resources for all team members, ranging from online fitness classes to tips for working from home to fun activities for kids.

(Virtual) Events and Celebrations 

To support our employees while working from home, we’ve put together regular, ongoing virtual events such as game nights, mixology workshops, cooking classes, and more. Friday afternoons saw us gather and listen to our very own “DJ Stupid” take song requests and spin tunes for the team as we wound down after a long week. Our new hires took the hot seat for a virtual spotlight Q&A session and we extended the “water cooler” to each of our homes through dedicated Slack channels where we discussed a variety of fun non-work-related topics.

We also took our annual corporate retreat "virtual" this past year, complete with remote team building activities, learning and development sessions, and a variety of speakers from experts and business leaders. 

Giving Back

To continue our dedication to giving back to the community, we planned a volunteer week where team members wrote “thinking of you” cards to seniors in assisted living homes and encouraged employees to donate their time to help non-profits from home. In addition, we “walked” together as a team for breast cancer awareness and research.

After a year like 2020, efforts like these go a long way in the eyes of your team, and at PulsePoint, we’re already thinking about how we evolve perks that were designed primarily for a remote workforce into something that can continue to flourish upon our return.

Although incredibly cliche and something you’re sure to find as part of every company’s blog on Employee Appreciation Day, our team is the lifeblood of PulsePoint. As such, we try hard to make every day Employee Appreciation Day, providing world-class benefits and perks to our team members, celebrating our successes together and supporting one another through whatever challenges are put in our path. Thank you to the PulsePoint team for everything you do.

Interested in joining the PulsePoint team? Learn more about what it’s like to work at the company and check out all of our open positions here.

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