How to Customize Your Content Strategy for your HCP Audience

December 7, 2021
Tim Brown

For healthcare marketers, optimizing content strategy to best target potential customers has always been a game of strategy.

And if you’re not honing your content strategy to keep up with the fast-paced needs of today’s digital-savvy healthcare providers, you’re undoubtedly falling behind.

More than ever, delivering a personalized experience to HCPs via content tailored specifically to their in-the-moment needs is fundamental to your brand’s success. 

And PulsePoint’s HCP365 Identification Solution is the tool you need to do it. 

HCP365 is your ace in the hole for truly personalized content 

According to recent surveys by Salesforce, 66 percent of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.

Today, customers of all types want to feel empowered, anticipated and responded to—they want to be remembered and known. And that applies to the HCPs pharma marketers are competing to reach, too. 

The old way of trying to reach HCPs—without real-time data and via pre-programmed messages—has been replaced with the use of real-time data and insights that follows them along every step of their digital journey. 

HCP365 lays the groundwork for your content strategy’s success by helping you sequence digital-savvy HCPs through that journey—not just in the place where you first encounter them, but on every individual step along their path to purchase, too.  

The most powerful thing an NPI Identification Solution can do is tell you who, exactly, is looking for information that you can provide. 

By knowing who an HCP is as well as what they’re searching for, you know the search terms that drive them and their needs as they unfold—and that means you can put in front of them exactly what they’re looking for, at the exact moment they’re looking for it. 

Imagine an HCP who you can identify by NPI and follow as they actively search for clinical trials on your brand’s clinical trial page. Knowing who that individual is, paired with their exact search terms and other engagement information, tells you what they want. And you can then use that critical information to build a custom-tailored content piece--perhaps around a subject like “Finding The Best Clinical Trial For Your Patient”--that delivers the precise data the HCP has come looking for. 

Honing your content strategy across channels to maximize your ROI

When you have HCP365 in your corner, honing your content strategy to better meet the needs of HCPs and maximizing your ROI go hand in hand. 

In today’s healthcare marketing game, the reaction-based data of yesteryear keeps you mired several steps behind a potential customer’s in-the-moment needs. And that’s where the predictive modeling that HCP365’s NPI-level insights provide comes into play, letting you customize content across all channels in the most effective way.

Once you know how to provide exactly what your target audience has come to you looking for, you can focus on pushing a potent, omnichannel mix of content into the path of the people most likely to adapt it. 

And when your strategy is aligned across all channels, you’re meeting your customer with your message in not one but all the places they’re looking for it, too. 

It might sound complicated, but what the best content strategy for healthcare marketing comes down to is really quite simple—giving HCPs the personalized information they want at the moment they need it. 

By using an NPI Identity Solution, you’re uniquely tailoring your messages to the HCPs that are actively looking for those answers. You’re meeting them exactly where you need to be, in the exact place they’ve come looking for a resource. 

And that’s a content strategy that will reveal its biggest rewards in your maximized ROI. 

Want to get started? Book a demo with HCP365, PulsePoint’s award-winning NPI Identity Solution. 

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