Omnipresent Marketing For a Physician’s Personalized Health Journey

April 18, 2023
Sanwari Gupta

When healthcare professionals (HCPs) aren’t consulting with patients, they’re still so busy! From researching trials and studying treatments to catching up on the latest healthcare news. Throw in a constant flow of pharma marketing, and healthcare becomes one of the most information-bombarded professions.

That makes purposeful HCP marketing incredibly difficult. But, done right, you can advertise to HCPs around the clock, without making them feel overwhelmed or solicited. 

How? By strategically implementing omnipresent white coat moments (marketing to HCPs during work) and blue jeans moments (marketing to HCPs after work). Read on to learn about the various digital channels available and combine them to create successful omnipresent marketing campaigns 24/7.

What is Omnipresent Marketing and Why Does it Work for HCPs?

In the past, omnichannel marketing has helped pharma companies gain valuable insight into consumer behavior across channels. In recent years, consumers (including HCPs) have begun to expect even more personalized experiences from brands. Omnipresent marketing takes into account these new expectations, requiring pharma companies to actively be present on multiple channels while communicating with consumers across every touchpoint – all with the goal of creating a seamless experience.

As available insights into the healthcare industry rapidly evolve, pharma marketers now have access to actionable data that allows them to achieve omnipresent marketing with ease. That makes utilizing all-channels to target HCP blue jeans and white coat moments critical to your connection with physicians.

First Things First – Target the Right Healthcare Professionals

Creating an effective omnipresent marketing campaign starts with pinpointing which healthcare professionals are most likely to convert. This may sound obvious, but the tactics can be tricky.

The expectations of healthcare professionals are on the rise – meeting them requires delivering relevant information the moment they need it. Pharma companies often use HCP data platforms to gain real-time, on-demand insights into healthcare professionals. This enables them to clearly identify their audience and better align their messaging to HCPs who need solutions right now. Properly targeting the right healthcare professional not only maximizes ROI, but also creates the foundation for highly successful marketing campaigns.

What Are White Coat Moments & How Do You Use Them?

White coat moments focus on marketing to healthcare professionals during the time when they’re thinking about work, their patients and are most active in decision-making. Marketing in-the-office is one of the most traditional ways to reach HCPs, and is often done through avenues like:

  • Point-of-Care Marketing (Electronic Health Records)
    Healthcare marketers can directly engage HCPs in real time within EHR systems using programmatic healthcare solutions like PulsePoint. This allows them to target HCPs at critical moments within their point of care workflow. 
  • Paid Search Advertising
    After discussing results with a patient, a HCP may go online to search and compare medications. Pharma companies can use paid search advertising to target HCPs on the first page of search results.
  • Email Marketing/Newsletters
    Pharma companies can deliver short-term marketing for specific drugs and implement long-term marketing with newsletters that keep HCPs up-to-date.
  • Native Advertising/Sponsored Content (Articles, Audio, Video etc.)
    Healthcare providers are constantly researching and broadening their expertise on specific diseases, drugs, and treatments. Sponsored articles or videos give them the information they’re looking for and lead them right to you.

Within these advertisements, information should be delivered in a straightforward, concise, and data-driven way to quickly inform healthcare providers. For example, an ad for a new medication that combats cancer should focus on clinical trials, case studies, and specific information about the efficacy of the drug.

What Are Blue Jeans Moments & How Do You Use Them?

Instead of increasing your white coat moments frequency (and overwhelming already-busy HCPs in the workplace), you can combine your in-house strategies with blue jeans moments. Blue jeans moments are a way to subtly connect with healthcare professionals in their personal lives. Done correctly, HCPs won’t feel inundated with information, but will instead spark curiosity within them. Here’s a few ways pharma companies can increase brand awareness and soft sell to out-of-office HCPs:

  • Connected TV & OTT (Hulu, Disney, Roku, etc.)
    Video advertisements are one of the most popular ways to advertise in a not-so-direct way. After researching a specific drug at work, a HCP may see a 30 second commercial on Youtube for the same drug while dialing down for the night.
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
    Like most people, many healthcare professionals relax on their off-time with social media – which they likely use to stay up-to-date on the topics that interest them most. Social media ads and posts are a key way to reach HCPs without aggressively marketing to them.
  • Digital Out of Home
    Billboards, posters, and wallscapes are just a few outdoor advertisement forms that are still getting the attention of healthcare professionals. Though quick and subtle, they often have the most impact outside of the office.
  • Sponsored Content
    Even when they're off the clock, healthcare professionals spend their time catching up on the latest advancements. Pharma companies can use paid advertising or create their own articles, videos, podcasts, and more to excite HCPs.

These omnipresent marketing strategies are typically used to intrigue and inform healthcare professionals in an indirect, low stress environment. Thus, the approach in messaging can be slightly lighter and less formal than a white coat moment. For example, pharma companies can take on a layman approach – including the patient journey, outcomes of a drug, etc. 

How to Go From Omnichannel to Omnipresent for Around the Clock Impact

Omnipresent strategies aim to deliver a better customer experience and drive greater business results. White coat moments and blue jeans moments are two ways in which pharma companies can cohesively create successful, personalized marketing campaigns. 

Using these omnipresent channels strategically in an HCP’s journey allows you to increase the frequency of advertising while lowering the redundancy of your messaging. For example, a healthcare professional can see the medical uses and side effects of a drug in the workplace through an ad on EHR, then see how it improves the lives of their patients in a testimonial video on Connected TV after work. This not only gives HCPs a fuller view into your product, but does so in a way that isn’t noticeable or intrusive.

This sort of end-to-end 24/7 marketing may sound difficult to implement, but some HCP data providers actually do the work for you. With omnichannel orchestration, you can create an entire campaign that starts with a simple work advertisement and continues into a targeted ad before bed. Advanced providers, like PulsePoint, even go a step further in creating omnipresence. For example, PulsePoint focuses on the customer journey, offering an intuitive platform that allows HCPs to chat with pharma companies about a drug while they’re with a patient.

Get Started With All-Channel Omnipresent HCP Marketing

Effectively implementing and combining the channels used to target white coat and blue jeans moments can be difficult, especially without a marketing platform that has the capabilities to get you the best results. 

Most HCP data providers can give you insight into your target audience. However, only the most advanced HCP data providers, like PulsePoint, can intuitively individualize and target your audience during every touch point of their journey with you – whether it’s during work hours or after. Pulsepoint offers real-time, on-demand data on healthcare professionals, while making omnipresent orchestration easy. For more information about how PulsePoint can power effective, all-channel omnipresent marketing, contact us here.

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