Programmatic Practices in a Changing Environment

March 20, 2020
Maria Simeone

While Covid-19 continues to challenge the definition of normalcy, each day also presents itself with new opportunities for marketers to re-evaluate their programs. I say re-evaluate, not just because of the circumstances, but because now is a great opportunity to accelerate a change that needed to happen and continue to innovate. What we previously had planned likely won’t work in our new reality, and we can’t just give up. We will need to reprioritize where money is being spent and where it can be better utilized in today’s world. 

Economic concerns and behaviors of both people and businesses is shifting as a result, impacting the media industry. Marketers are trying to figure out whether they should spend more, less or the same on their advertising during this period.

Where to spend our budgets feel like a tricky ask because our audience’s behaviors have radically changed. It’s important that our marketing tactics and messaging keeps up in real-time, especially in health care where the need for innovative ways to reach target health audiences has never been more important. 

Consider how behaviors have changed as a result of more social distancing measures. Across the country states are extending shutdown of non-essential businesses and ordering residents to stay inside other than for essential needs.  

Doctor visits are discouraged, unless it’s an emergency. Pharma reps cannot visit HCP’s in their office. Marketer to marketer, the need for relevant health messaging is imperative but finding and engaging individuals has gotten a lot harder. 

The healthcare marketer will need to revisit their marketing plans and focus on: 

  • Maintaining visibility with its community of customers and partners
  • Producing relevant content that will engage and inform them throughout this period
  • Finding a way to deliver that content in the most sophisticated, yet financially sensible,  way possible

Another reality we must face is that things are not going to go back to the way they used to be. But I challenge you to see this as an opportunity for positive change and innovation, not an unwelcome set back. As a health marketer, what messages can you send that stand out in a relevant and informative way? Use your tools and voice to increase connection and communication in a time of separation and distance. People are listening and tuned in more than ever and we are already positioned in the market to speak up. So let’s speak up.

By tuning into these behavioral shifts and leveraging programmatic technology, we have the opportunity to make an impact as a health marketer. This tool will help you learn the fundamentals of programmatic healthcare marketing.

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