PulsePoint Launches First Ever Health Contextual Solution

November 18, 2018
PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PulsePoint, the leading global authority on programmatic health technology, today announced the launch of Condition Pages, a new way for health marketers to target audiences with advertising that is contextually relevant to the website content, whether by category or down to a specific keyword. The patented technology works like an automatic 'translation' service that reads, analyzes and understands the internet for health terminology. This marks the first contextual solution built to address the nuances and specialization required in healthcare marketing.

Unlike other contextual solutions which inadvertently block or overlook content that would otherwise be deemed relevant and desirable by a healthcare marketer, Condition Pages doesn't just identify the term "blood" but can categorize the context in which the term is used. This level of contextual targeting gives healthcare marketers access to audiences that may otherwise have been lost, maintaining scale, but without compromising brand safety or privacy concerns. And because Condition Pages is health-first, it goes beyond standard IAB-7 contextualization, ensuring the right targeting per very refined health criteria. As an example, marketers can target against digestive diseases, or deeper to pancreatic neoplasms.

"We sent our patented contextualization technology to get its M.D.," said Ezra Suveyke, Chief Technology Officer at PulsePoint. "It has been trained against the National Institutes of Health Medical Vocabulary Resource's 3,500 condition definitions, 87,000 related terms and 232,000 supplemental terms, used by the healthcare industry as a standardized classification of medical terminology. There is no other platform that does this in market today."

The Condition Pages offering is built on top of the company's data technology, Genome by PulsePoint™, which unifies clinical and real-world data to break down the barriers between customer knowledge, customer experiences, marketing impact and health outcomes to achieve radical health personalization putting consumers in the center of all health outreach.

"As the explosion of digital devices continue to fragment the data landscape, our systems must navigate across devices, without infringing on personal privacy," said Suveyke. "We must be able to navigate beyond audience and cookie reliant targeting to a much more focused form of targeting and measurement that allows us to remain consistent within the mindset of the individual."

Condition Pages also presents publishers with a sophisticated way to extend audience and better monetize their traffic, and offers data partners the option to combine contextual data with their modeled data to optimize performance for marketers.

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