PulsePoint Launches Signal Platform for healthcare marketers

November 13, 2020

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PulsePoint, a technology company using real-time data to accelerate health marketing, today announced the launch of Signal by PulsePoint™, a comprehensive, real-time, physician-to-patient data insights platform designed to address healthcare companies' challenges around aggregating, cleaning and segmenting health marketing data sets. The Signal platform enables healthcare marketers to add granularity and dimension to their own first- or third-party data sets and also to cross reference these data sets against PulsePoint's digital determinants of health. With Signal, marketers get real-time access to consolidated insights which are essential to improving cross-channel performance while also driving up important metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS).

The advanced digital analytics and insights available on Signal represent significant improvements over the ways healthcare marketers currently measure campaign impact.

  • More integrated measurement. Signal eliminates fragmentation in media measurement by integrating the various inputs into understanding how, when and where an individual interacts with a health brand across all website, email, digital and search campaigns. Brands using Signal get a single cross-channel view of customer responsiveness, intent and action with a clean and intelligent business visualization tool.
  • Fresher data, faster access, greater confidence. By integrating real time digital data with various 3rd party health data sources, Signal is able to deliver more reliable marketing feedback within seconds. It currently takes solutions in market months to share, clean and combine the various data sets needed to understand marketing attribution and real-world impact, with a high margin of error.
  • Improved activation. Signal's measurement, analytics and predictive solutions power PulsePoint's ability to proactively use microdata to deliver personalized sequential HCP and DTC messaging across format, device and channel at each stage of the health journey on the Life by PulsePoint™ platform.

The company's first solution on the Signal platform, HCP365, was recently named Best Marketing Attribution Solution solution by MarTech Breakthrough, a market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing technology industry. HCP365 delivers a full longitudinal view of the HCP journey and provides multi-channel marketing performance across verified HCP audiences at the NPI level. Health brands use this data for multi-attribution and marketing mix modeling to understand where spend is most efficient. Brands also use HCP365 data proactively to customize sales messaging and longitudinal digital journeys.

"HCP365 provides the granular insights necessary for us to customize HCP engagement strategies by segment. We're able to take digital activity tied to an NPI number and find useful insights for future marketing investments," said Ray Rosti, Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Health Media.

"PulsePoint's entry into the $34B health data market is grounded in providing advanced digital analytics to healthcare companies to understand and drive better health outcomes," said Chris Neuner, Chief Strategy Officer of PulsePoint. "With the most intelligent view of health audiences that will refine and improve over time, Signal notably simplifies business operations around the use of that data. With Signal, clients don't have to build out complex, expensive marketing analytics infrastructures," added Neuner.

About PulsePoint
We are a technology company using real time data to transform healthcare. Through machine learning and programmatic automation, we interpret the hard-to-read signals of the health journey to understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. We do this by unifying real-time Digital Determinants of Health™, offline and clinical data to create a unique and precise view of health audiences that refines, improves and increases its view over time. Visit for more about the company's technology and award winning culture.

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