PulsePoint's Trader Hall of Fame: Yael Lubarr

February 10, 2022
Dylan Eisen

The PulsePoint team is committed to recognizing all the amazing work that our clients do to improve health outcomes for the world’s population. That’s why we are kicking off a special series dedicated to highlighting our all-star clients who have gone above and beyond to execute successful campaigns that foster a healthier world. Continuing our Trader Hall of Fame series, we have nominated a true programmatic rockstar, Yael Lubarr, Manager, Addressable Activation at Matterkind.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Yael Lubarr and am excited to share why she made our Trader Hall of Fame list below.

Yael’s Journey to Programmatic

Programmatic didn’t appear on Yael’s radar until she’d done some living. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, she followed her lifelong passion and studied dance and English. That eventually led to a Pilates certification, teaching at several Pilates studios around New York City for almost a decade.

It wasn’t until Yael decided to go back to school for her MBA in marketing from Fordham University that she realized she was ready to marry two major interests—a passion for consumer behavior and a knack for writing—into a lucrative career. She started in digital marketing after getting her graduate degree but knew her true interest was in agency work. And when she joined Publicis Health Media, working in programmatic, she quickly realized all the things they didn’t teach her in college.

Yael says diving headfirst into programmatic had a stock market pace. She started as an associate working exclusively in pharma, and coming from the health and wellness world, it was an interesting transition. “But at the end of the day, it all comes down to what we want to tell our clients and which consumers we want to target,” she says.

And that’s when Yael’s writing skills came into play. “I felt like I was using new aspects of my brain every day. It was very satisfying,” she says.

It was during her days with PHM that Yael first started working with PulsePoint. And when she moved to Matterkind, she was thrilled to stay in pharma. The job moved her into a management position, with the chance to mentor an associate and spread her wings even more with all the new opportunities.

Yael’s Favorite Part About Working with PulsePoint

The PulsePoint team is effusive when it comes to singing Yael’s accolades. And happily, as in any good working relationship, the admiration goes both ways. “I love how PulsePoint tries to be as innovative as possible with their tactics and reporting,” Yael says. “And that they’re not so sales-y in their approach.”

She points to PulsePoint’s support team as particularly helpful when she moved from agency to agency—all the while knowing she could discuss any concerns, and that the team was there to help in the transition. “They wanted to see my success and care about my goals,” Yael says. Well, we can tell you, Yael, we still do. Watching you succeed is the best kind of collaboration– and something worth celebrating, for sure.

Yael’s Advice for Someone Starting Out in Programmatic

Programmatic is a fast-paced work environment where being organized is essential. To be a successful trader, Yael says, it helps to take notes at the end of each day—or whenever you can—to help absorb all the information coming at you at lightning speed. “It’s true that there’s no such thing as a bad question,” she says. “So be sure to ask as many questions as you want —and don’t be afraid of how they’ll sound. It’s the best way to learn.”

And while things move quickly in programmatic, she says to focus on taking your time to do things right. Pay attention to every detail. And understand, too, that you will make mistakes along the way.

“You have to find the way that works for you,” she says. “Whether that’s setting a reminder, using the task bar, or another trick that helps keep track of all the new information, updates and regulations you’re handling.”  

Yael’s Favorite Part of her Job

That bit about caring about mutual success and goals is important to Yael. “I love the people I work with. And I love to not only be part of the team, but to take the team to the next level,” she says. After all, she says, teamwork is all about the collaborative environment and creating an environment that’s conducive to it. And while day-to-day tasks are always going to be part of the job, Yael says, working together to find a solution is when all the hard work really pays off.

What to Know if you Want to Work with Yael

Yael says Matterkind is a great company to work for, mentioning that the company has a penchant for hiring “cool people who have fun.” As for how to get in with Matterkind, she says having a background in marketing is a good start, and experience in pharma is appreciated if specifically working on the pharma accounts. And that it helps to be a good listener and a very detailed and organized person, too.

The job requires figuring out how to retain a lot of information and adapt, a willingness to ask questions, and staying open to new things and ideas in a fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, Yael says.

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