Why Content Marketing & Programmatic Are A Powerful Force

August 5, 2021
Dylan Eisen

If you missed PulsePoint CEO Sloan Gaon’s powerful presentation MARKETING ROMANCE OF THE CENTURY: Building Brand Love Through Content Marketing and Programmatic, you’ve come to the right place for a recap of this indomitable partnership to capitalize on for your brand. 

Getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time, you see, is no longer the secret to success in this game. 

And while content remains—and always will be—king, there’s a new queen in town, Gaon says. 

It’s called programmatic—the automated buying of ad space performed by deep data research using top technology. Since 2012, the U.S. programmatic spend has gone from a $4 billion industry to an $80 billion one. Just think about that.

Finding the right audience at the right time is more important than ever—and marrying programmatic with your content marketing to tell the right story is the key to achieving that for your brand. 

Read on for a few key takeaways from Gaon’s talk about how the digital marketing industry has transformed with programmatic.

The deep-data tool that makes content marketing even better

Think of programmatic and content marketing as distinct areas of your business that come together to create magic. 

We know content marketing is effective (almost three times as effective as any other channel, in fact). 

It’s been proven as the most effective way to give the consumer something of value—whether that’s educational, instructional or pure entertainment—leading them to connect with your brand and, ultimately, go down the funnel toward passion and purchase. 

Where programmatic makes content marketing even more effective is by making sure it gets shared with the right people—and at scale—to carry it on the path to brand love. 

Building long-term value for your business through branding

First, as Gaon explains, you have to consider the sheer onslaught of ads the average human sees in a 24-hour period. Every day, each of us sees almost 5,000 ads, which equates to nearly an ad of every minute of our lives. 

This creates a lot of clutter for marketers to cut through to ensure their message is not only heard or seen, but also acted upon by the consumer. 

Now more than ever, getting consumers to talk about your service or product with others in their network is the key to action. And engaging consumers all along their journey as part of a comprehensive campaign is at the heart of PulsePoint’s programmatic strategy. 

Too many marketers pump out great content but overlook the analytics required to make sure the money they are spending is working. In short, they aren't interpreting the data in an effective way.  

The key to success is making sure your precious content gets shared with the right people—and at that almighty scale—along their path to purchase and passion.

Programmatic finds the many (not the one) on the path to brand love

There are simply not enough good things to be said about engaging, inspiring content. Everything starts with it—and the sequential storytelling and contextual marketing that spins off from there, too, leading customers down the funnel to purchase and passion, aka brand love. 

Where click bait and display ads may have been enough to get results in the past, they simply aren’t anymore. The key with marrying content with programmatic that delivers, says Gaon, is to find “the many” in order to achieve the coveted multiplier effect. This means both quality and quantity. 

Programmatic is the path to finding not just the many, but the many that are important. Because when you don’t find the right audience you are only falling short of your brand’s potential. 

The best programmatic uses automated buying to drive results, aggregating terabytes of data across the internet to help you zero in on who is likely to buy a product (or not), based upon those data points. 

It’s about moving beyond the click to deeper data, including scroll-through velocity and social actions, among other behaviors available for you to utilize to your advantage with programmatic.

And you hardly have to start narrow with, Gaon explains—you can go wide with your programmatic distribution with an eye on narrowing the focus over time. Within a few days, you’ll have found your audience. 

Ready to marry programmatic with your content marketing? 

The first step is taking time to discuss your strategies with people who know more about partnering these two mighty tools than you do—whether that’s PulsePoint or a key person within your own organization. 

After that, watch the payoff roll in. 

To learn more about PulsePoint, and how our data and technology solutions can support your healthcare marketing efforts, request a demo.

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