Pulsepoint Launches Turnkey NPI Targeting And Reporting With Hcp Direct Match™

May 12, 2020

NEW YORK, May 13, 2020  /PRNewswire/ -- PulsePoint, a technology company using real-time data to accelerate health marketing, today announced the launch of HCP Direct Match™, the industry’s first turnkey people-based targeting solution. With HCP Direct Match, marketers can now engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) in real time on a one-to-one basis by specialty or by a specific National Provider Identifier (NPI), a unique identification number for covered health care providers under HIPAA. This release is another step in PulsePoint's mission to build health first solutions that deliver engaging, dynamic and AI-targeted health messaging, transcending the limitations of traditional advertising and channel based marketing to HCPs. 

Powered by the company’s health graph, Genome by PulsePoint™, HCP Direct Match automates NPI targeting and reporting on the company’s programmatic media platform, Life by PulsePoint™, providing the workflows needed to manage multi-variant and complex lists of curated NPI’s, ad-hoc or at the specialty level.

“HCP Direct Match is a transparent, and cost effective way for us to continue to deliver value to our client’s HCP campaigns,” says Steve Minichini, President of Paid Media at Evoke. “With HCP Direct Match, we are seeing a more programmatically powered, real-time, efficient way to reach and engage with healthcare professionals at scale.”

Benefits and Features of Direct Match Include:

  • Real-time Addressable HCP Audiences: Real-time access to database of opted-in registered HCPs, refreshed every 24 hours to account for any healthcare professional that has opted out of targeting, and in compliance with regulatory and privacy requirements. 
  • Turnkey Targeting and Reporting: Allows for any combination of targeting attributes, list changes mid-flight to optimize campaigns, with real-time and on-demand predictive planning and self-service reporting. 
  • Creative Controls:  Deterministic targeting allows for creative controls to be implemented by NPI. This includes frequency capping, day part, sequential messaging and more.
  • Cross-Device and Multi-Format: Target and analyze attribution and performance by creative on all digital touchpoints of the HCP, not just the one.
  • Transparent: HCP Direct Match operates in a transparent manner, allowing the trader or analyst to evaluate performance at the URL level through the Life platform’s integrated reporting or data exports to AWS and Google Cloud platforms.
  • Inventory Safe: 100% of inventory is vetted through a series of quality and brand safety filters, including Double Verify Prebid, to ensure a high quality and brand safe environment.

“Until HCP Direct Match, the tools available in the marketplace revolved around non-transparent, cumbersome and syndicated data sets. We’ve built a sophisticated technology to intelligently use multiple points of interest, opt-in consented first party data to build attribution to nearly every digitally connected healthcare professional. HCP Direct Match allows traders to focus on what matters - the outcome of campaigns.” says Ezra Suveyke, CTO of PulsePoint.

The company’s continued investments in verticalized and automated marketing technology, with a focus on health data and health data segments, enable its technology to drive results for both direct-to-consumer and HCP marketers. HCP Direct Match is available to self service and managed service clients on the Life Platform.

About PulsePoint

We are a technology company using real time data to transform healthcare. Through machine learning and programmatic automation, we interpret the hard-to-read signals of the health journey to understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. We do this by unifying real-time Digital Determinants of Health™, offline and clinical data to create a unique and precise view of health audiences that refines, improves and increases its view over time. Visit for more about the company’s technology and award winning culture.

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